Arduboy has entered the building

Just arrived this evening!
Brillant screen!
Clicky buttons!
It’s so small and neat - smaller than I was thinking for some reason - it is the size of a credit card.
My eyes are so bad I have to hold it near but that’s OK.
Love the bleepy sounds as well.
And Mystic Balloon is a lot of fun

  • PJ

Glad you enjoy it!! What games have you tried on it?

Games I’ve played so far:
Mystic Ballon
Little Rock Chess (Amazing you can fit a 8x8 chess board on the screen and see it but has lousy controls - I’ll have to have a go at reprogramming it)
Train Dodge (Very hard!)
Music Demo (Great!)
Squario (Nice platformer)
The Bounce
Hello Noise
Blob Attack (The quality of TEAM ARGs stuff is beatiful with smooth gfx, sounds, pause mode etc. and the QR code feature is really neat!)
Dice of Fate (Surprising therapeutic!)

Couldn’t compile:
Burgard Time (arduboytones.h missing - I did install arduboy2 and arduboyplaytune libraries however)
Tiny Asteroids (avrdude batch file fails)
Tiny Sokoban (avrdude batch file fails)

These don’t run / have a black screen:
Block Stacker
Star Honor
Atomic Puzzle Pack

These brick the device:
Arduboy Assistant
Stella Impact

In that you can’t upload to it after running these programs.
The reset method is useless because the Arduino IDE takes too long because it appears to always recompile the sketch before uploading the hex.

I tried running avrdude from the command line to just upload a hex but didn’t have any luck with that - does anyone know how to use it correctly or of another program to just upload precompiled hex files?

Anyway I finally discovered flashlight mode - where if you power on the device on with up pressed it makes the led white (very bright!) with a blank screen - then you can reprogram the flash ok.

I would say the A & B buttons are reversed from what is natural as the A button should be on the outside where your thumb would naturally rest (like on the original gameboy) - I guess I could fix this by swapping the defines in the main library before I recompile the games.

Stella Impact’s use of the LED was really cool - it’s really neat how it’s intensity can be changed and how bright it is.
Sounds add a lot to the games as well - the tune demo was very impressive.

I’ll have to have a go at programming something myself next!



Well, it’s obviously up to the game developer as to what functions he/she wants to assign to the A and B buttons, but to me it makes sense that the A button is below the A in the ARDUBOY logo and the B button is below the logo’s B. :slight_smile:

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You need to install the ArduboyTones library.

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Thanks - works now! - that was the problem - a missing library.
Time to avoid the deadly peppers…
I sorted out using avrdude and compiled Asteroids and Sokoban as well - seems there are two COM ports (COM3 and COM4 for me) and you need to do a reset on COM3 before programming on COM4.

Did you get tracking info sent to you? Or did it just arrive? I got the email last Friday saying they were ready to ship and keep checking the mail everyday to see if it has arrived, I’m driving my wife nuts lol.

Sorry I don’t think this will help you - I ordered mine from Adafruit the instant I saw it mentioned on these forums. It took a week with UPS tracking - and finally turned up yesterday evening…

Ahh gotcha. I thought about buying one from them and just having two.

I got my email last Friday - still haven’t received mine (should be any day). But, I am in Seattle and I seem to recall that these are shipping out from the east coast.

Glad PJ got his. But, I am a little annoyed that those that ordered recently have received their Arduboy before those of us that pre-ordered months and months ago (I ordered mine on May 4th). No love for the pre-orders apparently.

It is what it is and I am still looking forward to FINALLY receiving mine.

Just read Kevin’s explanation of the timing issue with Adafruit getting an early shipment. Here is the thread:

As I said, it is what it is.

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I’ve created a version that works:

Thanks for that - Puzzle Pack is Excellent! Especially Pop Drop…