Arduboy homemade pro micro sh1106 arduboy-activator


does anybody know of a version of arduboy-activator.hex that work work with Arduboy homemade pro micro with a sh1106 display and a W25Q128 spi flash or have a link to the relevant instructions

I am unable not sure what is happening or what option i am pressing as the arduboy screen is garbled, I have created the inverter circuit, it has a a 3.3v regulator and the relevant resister/diode connections

many thanks

You can not use the FX activator with a homemade Arduboy.

You need to flash the pro micro bootloader using an ISP programmer or use another Arduino configured as Arduino ISP.

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@Mr.Blinky is right.

I usually follow this guide:

It works with both a Nano and an Uno as they use the same chip (ATmega328P)

Don’t forget the capacitor though!!!

Hi many thanks @Mr.Blinky and @Ard_Flamingo got it sorted and working, its taken all day but i have all working and a basic setup of games, itll be perfect for the kids to play on when we’re camping thanks again :smiley:


@Mr.Blinky @Ard_Flamingo just ot update if you’re interested lol, the finished item . . .

Many thanks for the assistance