Arduboy image converter SEP 2023


Can anyone help me?
I am looking for an Image converter for the Arduboy

There were two converters; they don’t work anymore…
some how it could be great to have a permanent tool working. I hope somebody can help.

Someone is rehosting the image converters: Rust for Arduboy - #39 by ZennDev1337 (Sorry, I didn’t realize those are only converting to rust)

The original Team ARG tools are rehosted here Arduboy Image Converter

And I have a native tool which has an image converter with more options for tiling: Arduboy Toolset

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Thank you!!!

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Thank you so far! There were a lot of options; Just wandering if there are the tools related to the old one;


Oh I’m not sure, I’m sorry.

well like scale to fit, fill, no scaling, invert, etc :slight_smile: all the help is useful!

In case you want to know! I did it! I did get old tool working; It was actually simple; but I did not know how to run it; in the picture we see mrboggieman/arduboy.js which is actually andrewlowndes :smile: It was hard to read (and the picture above was found in internet
first we have to download the zip file then unzip it and then go to the folder image_converter and open the index file in html :smile:

andrewlowndes/Arduboy.js: Arduboy in JavaScript (

I know I’ve mentioned the site is in need of an update because things are getting buried but the welcome thread includes a wealth of knowledge and it seems like most people are skipping it these days:

Image converters are addressed there and there is a list that one might suppose is moderated here: