Arduboy Image Converter Web Application


i tried everything but i don’t get it to work. if i copy and paste a monochrome image into the chrome browser, nothing happens. it doesn’t show me the image. if i drag the image to the browser it shows the image but with my local path and not in your web page.
i have turned of all adblockers and it doesn’t work for me with chrome or iron. any hint why it doesn’t work? what format does the image need to be? or does the size matters? what could the problem be??


Can you tell me the web browser, operating system and editor program you are copying pixel data from?

One thing that will not work is dragging or copying an image file. The actual pixels need to be selected with the select tool in a program. I can look into adding support for that workflow in the future, though!

(Bruce) #23

Try loading the picture in an image editor and copying from there, then pasting that, rather than the copying the file itself.


@fuopy & @noel_abercrombie
first i tried to drag and drop but i recognised that this doesn’t work. i used gimp2 and paint on windows 7 corporate edition VL with chrome v51.0.2704.84 m (64-bit). doesn’t work with both editior programs :cry:

(Boti Kis) #25

This image is far too big.
The tool doesn’t resize it and since the arduboy display is only 128x64 px you should resize it before you try it.


ah okay, what size could the image be without getting problems to upload?


great hint. thanks mate :relieved:
i resized the image an tested again - now it works :heart_eyes:

(Mike McRoberts) #28

This online image convertor only seems to work for drawSlowXYBitmap and not drawBitmap.

if I use the slow method they show up fine, if I use the fast method each 8x8 pixel block is rotated 90 degrees counter clockwise.

(Holmes) #29

I’ve used this with the drawBitmap() method… Did you happen to try my ToChars page?

(Mike McRoberts) #30

I did and that produces the same effect unless I use DrawSlowXYBitmap


@fuopy I send you a very simple pull request. Please tell me if you like it.

Pull request