Arduboy in a Gameboy!

Hey y’all :v: so after a soldering accident tragically& irreparably broke my original Arduboy, I decided to build a DIY version while waiting for the ArduboyFX to be shipped. I first had this on a perma-proto breadboard to test things out, before moving to a blank credit card with holes drilled out for all the pins& such. I had an old broken Gameboy shell lying around, and realized the card was only slightly too wide for the area where the screen sits. I cut off the extra bits in the ends, threaded the piezo speaker through where the display’s connector used to be and used some electrical tape to keep it from dangling about a cm out of the shell, made sure the holes of the base line up with the components so they can fit while closed, and finally for hinges I shoved some rubber bits in the holes (not ideal, but works for now. Definitely open to suggestions for a better diy hinge here :sweat_smile:). All in all it turned out pretty well. I’m using a pro micro clone, the only thing missing is an rgb led I’m waiting on that should get here in a few days.

(Peep that title screen for a game I’ve been working on :eyes: "Evolution"will be a Spore inspired demake, but is currently far from complete.)