Arduboy in the washer? [SOLVED] 🍚


In fact this one is actually a bit thicker than the one you find inside the Arduboy.
Packs more juice? :sunny:
Ultra-thin means 5mm and powerbank on Taobao…
Ugh. (I hate that place, but sometimes you also get really good stuff.)


I didn’t even use rice, I just left it out to dry and it worked perfectly

This thing could go to space and work fine

(Shawn) #25

The good thing about the arduboy is its simplicity. There really isn’t very much in the way of circuitry so there’s less to go wrong. A modern smart phone in the wash on the other hand is very likely (but not guaranteed) to die.

(Jean Charles Lebeau) #26

And if you need to change a component, it’s not very hard and not expensive.


Such was the fate of my dad’s last phone …

(Shawn) #28

Can we all take a moment of silence for CDR_Xavier dad’s phone …


No need for that. He was looking for a replacement anyway.
Just remind me to bring my extra drone battery and stuff to the school on Dec 31.
But my recorder (rather modern, with 2GB on board flash and a rather powerful processor for doing music and LCD and blah blah) survived the accident.