Arduboy Instant Upload Error [Solved(?)]

Hi, I’m having a strange issue with the Arduboy Uploader. Whenever I try to upload a game (any game) I get an instant “ERR” message that pops up, even if the Arduboy isn’t plugged in. I never have had this issue before (I’ve owned an Arduboy for years), and I’ve searched the web and can’t find any answers there.
Any help is very appreciated!

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Which Arduboy uploader?

Well it makes sense if it isn’t plugged in.

You might check your USB cable to see if it is making a data connection, does it flash a yellow LED in the bottom left when you plug it into your PC (And hear a USB connection chime)? Does it show up in device manager?

How are you trying to upload links, I’m not sure that’s gonna work you’ll have to of course download the .hex file. How are you saving the .hex file?

Arduino really always should work, if it doesn’t my suspicion is the USB cable is power only. If you can confirm you are using the same USB cable when you are able to successfully upload, then it would be helpful to know if you are trying it from the bootloader menu or from within a game.

Let us know, thanks!

The one by @eried. Sorry, should have specified.

I meant it does it when it is and isn’t plugged in. If I was that stupid to not even plug it in I’d be dead by now.
It’s never shown up in Device Manager, but I’ve been able to upload dozens of games before. When I plug it in the Arduboy flashes.
The issue is definitely with the program or my PC and not the Arduboy. I can still upload games via Arduino.

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Are you sure about that?

It should show up as Arduino Leonardo (COM #) (not “Arduboy”) under Ports (COM & LPT), and you have to remember to go to View and toggle Show hidden devices for it to show up if it’s not both plugged in and turned on.

If there’s no serial COM port driver installed then it shouldn’t work as far as I’m aware, unless it’s somehow leeching off a different driver. (I very vaguely remember talk of Windows 10 already having a default serial driver, but I might be misremembering.)

Does the error message actually provide an error code or any other information?

If so that information is going to be necessary to identify the problem.

The more you can tell us about the problem, the easier it will be to identify the issue.

If nothing else works I’d suggest trying out @tuxinator2009’s ‘ArdumanFX’ tool to see if that works and meets your needs.

Apparently not, as it does show under Device Manager. My mind must not be working.

Strangely, no. That’s why I was wondering what the error could be since there was no explanation given by the program.
I’m going to give it another shot and see what it does this time.

[EDIT] I have no idea why, but it seems to be working again. I just uploaded 3 games, one at a time, and they all worked fine. Eried’s website still doesn’t work to upload games from, but that’s being discussed elsewhere now. Problems uploading games with custom uploader

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Ah, that’s good to know. That would have been a real headache to solve if there hadn’t been a driver installed.
I did suspect you were probably just mistaken, but it pays to keep an open mind.

That’s perplexing.

Maybe you had a run where your OS randomly had issues with the driver and it’s fixed itself after a restart?
That shouldn’t happen of course, but it’s not impossible.

If you get problems again, make sure to take a screenshot of the message box. If you’re on Windows you can use Alt+Print Screen to capture a screenshot of just the active window (without your taskbar, desktop or other windows), then just paste that into Paint or some other image editor to create an image that you can upload (.png's probably best).

Yes, that’s looking like it’s probably a TLS (Transport Layer Security) version problem.
If Eried doesn’t appear on the forum in a day or so, I expect one of us will make an issue on the GitHub.

I use Windows+Shift+s to use the newer ‘snip’ and you can then paste directly into the forum. Off topic, sorry.