Arduboy is Sold Out!

Some of our distributors will have stock for some time but our store and the factory is out of stock!

We are working on a new production batch and will open up pre-orders again once we have a better idea when inventory will be available.

For pre-orders that have been placed over the last month we will be shipping those in the upcoming weeks.

Sorry for the delay! Being featured by Linus Tech Tips took all the rest of the inventory we had left over after the holiday. We weren’t totally prepared for it. But thanks everyone, will be shipping soon!


Well, after my youtube video review they were sold out in germany as well, hope this is not only coincidence :wink:


We appreciate the coverage! Dankeshoen!

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i’ll hope that mine will arrive nevertheless (bought about 2 Weeks ago).

Da hoffe ich mal, dass meiner noch Ankommt (vor 2 Wochen bestellt).

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Glad I made in time!

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Phew! After reading the title I thought for a moment that Arduboy was out of production :scream: I was relieved :sweat_smile: when I read you’re already working on the next production batch :+1:


Thank Linus :rofl:
Lucky I got mine!

Oh wow! Good thing i got mine in time!
@bateske Hows the tetris one doing? I ordered one a couple of days ago. Are they out of stock too?

Grab micro cards whilst you can from this post they appear to be out of production.

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Good thing ive ordered!
Followed the thread, but didn’t saw the new post :smiley: Thanks!