Arduboy issue flowchart

I know there’s but Im not aware of anything like this but …

Back in the Wii homebrew days Team Twiizers posted some trouble shooting flow charts that were a handy point of reference for various types of “Bricks” after seeing a few posts today with various uploading issues and whatnot I was wondering if it would be any help to have something similar for common issues users encounter.

Here’s a quick mock of what I’m thinking

If anyone wants to chime in with some content or suggestions post below or whatever and lets see what we can do.


It’s a good idea! I support this. We can develop it here and when it’s baked and ready I’ll move it to the front page.


I’ve started a rough template using Lucidchart it has Google plugins and can be worked on in collaboration.
Link in first post

It might be necessary to have more than one chart (Windows, Mac, Linux) since each has their own problems and putting it all together might result in one big scary mess.

  • Linux does not require the Arduino IDE but the user might not have permission to access the serial port and needs to be added to the dialout group
  • Mac does not require the Arduino IDE, I think
  • To single out problems with the user’s computer, it might be useful to direct them to obono’s Android app

Yeah. I was thinking about multiple charts and pages, possibly having them to hyperlink to each other and more content depending on scenario.

Here’s how TT did it to keep things simple


Remind me to finish working on this and put it on the front page.