Arduboy Jenga?

I found this electronic Jenga game at Value Village and thought it might be fun to make a version for Arduboy. The virtual block sensors are pretty cool. How fast you push and pull them determines whether the jenga tower falls. I’m thinking that the Arduboy A and B buttons could control the speed that the virtual blocks are removed and placed by the speed that you push them. Or maybe how long you hold them down increases the pull velocity? What do you guys think? I was also thinking it would be great if future arduboys included a 3-axis accelerometer and a mini pager vibrator.


That would be a neat game - different from the usual ones we see.

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And a larger colour screen and analog joystick and stereo high quality sound and a faster processor with more flash and RAM.

The Arduboy is what it is because of its simplicity. Keep adding stuff to it and it no longer differentiates from numerous other mini consoles out there.

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Very true :slight_smile: The simplicity and working within the limitations is what drew me to Arduboy.

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Is this possible :rofl: