Arduboy Jet Pac

no problem i’ll sort out all of the above tomorrow.

OK I have uploaded new screenshots and amended the json file.

I have also updated the code so there is now the option at the start to erase the high score from EEPROM.

Jonathan it should now be good to go to add to your Arduboy Manager.

Thanks guys.

a.k.a. TheArduinoGuy

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Great game! Thanks for making it

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The supplied .arduboy file does not contain an info.json file, therefore, the Arduboy Manager could not load the game. @TheArduinoGuy, when looking at your GitHub, I see that you accidentally left it out. Downloading and putting it back into the .arduboy file allowed it to work on my program. I have also uploaded it to my repository.

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DOH!!! Thanks, I’ll fix it later today.

Great game Mike, thanks for making it, me and the kids love it.

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I have finished my 2nd ZX Spectrum game port. Took 6 days. I’m off to bed now. Links and vids tomorrow.

Just downloaded it to my Arduboy. It’s addictive to say the least!

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Glad you like it Phil.


Once you’ve tried Jet Pac, you can give Arcodia a go…

Not sure if it’s a bug or not but it says reset high score which is currently set at 4294967295 when I hit reset it doesn’t reset.

How do you reset the high score?

Up down key then press A.

Yay got it

Cheers @TheArduinoGuy

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It’s a small thing, but I would love to see a “sound on/off” toggle! Otherwise I can’t get really good at it on the bus without annoying my fellow bus riders.

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You should be able to set sound on and off using the boot up system control buttons.

  • Hold the B button while powering up.
  • While continuing to hold B, press and release UP to turn sound on or press the DOWN button to turn sound off.
  • Release the B button to continue on with the game.

The mute state is stored in EEPROM, so it will remain as selected over power-ups and re-boots.

Oops, sorry. I looked at the source code and noticed that this game is forcing sound on.

If you’re compiling and loading this game from the Arduino IDE, change line 114 in the JetPac tab (file JetPac.ino) from;


The instructions in my previous post will then work.

@TheArduinoGuy, You should make this change in the source, or just call arduboy.begin(), instead of arduboy.boot() and all the individual boot feature functions.

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Sure, i’ll make those changes. Thanks.

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Thank you - I didn’t know about this feature.

Very nice game. I installed it on my homemade Arduboy and when I try to shoot the laser with the B button it turns out that the screen goes black. Has anyone had the same thing?


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