Arduboy Kickstarter version design discussion

Please no more HW changes! Features stated for KS simply need to ship. Enhancements can be provided in v1.1, v2, etc… Also, IMHO, this feature is of limited use.

  • Yes, there is time to put the piezo on ADC pins
  • No, this feature is of limited use
  • I am Swissish (blank vote)

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I thought there was some sort of “voltage leak” issue or something if you “slept” the display (turn it off, try to get it to use as little power as possible) without powering it down completely… I thought it was bateske that said that originally… like it could be harmful long-term… obviously for deep sleep it’s nicer to completely power-off the screen, but if we can’t have that then 3uA ain’t bad.

Honestly we need to tweak the standard bootloader to use the right pins… (if we can re-flash the bootloader on all the chips)… so whatever pins we decide are for LED we can use for LED. And we can make sure these is no audio… but yeah the default bootloader blinks 2-3 different LEDS IIRC… 13 and TX/RX. Been a while since I looked.