Arduboy LED descriptions

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I don’t have a real Arduboy, so I don’t know the order of the LEDs at the bottom, but they are:

  • Battery charge indication.
  • USB transmit indicator (TXLED)
  • USB receive indicator (RXLED)

The LED to the left of the screen is an RGB (red, green, blue) LED for general use. About 8000 Kickstarter Arduboys have been shipped with this LED installed incorrectly (including yours @EdwinJ85). The library lights then dims the red LED when the ARDUBOY logo scrolls down but on incorrect units it will be the blue LED.

Ok, thanks! I assume that means yellow is receive and green is transmit? Red is battery. The multicolor led lights blue when the unit runs the arduboy logo but this SHOULD be red?

Correct. For units with the RGB LED installed incorrectly, red and blue will be swapped. Green won’t work at all and must be off in software for red or blue to work.

You could load the following sketch to find out.

// USB transmit and receive LED test

#include <Arduboy.h>

Arduboy arduboy;

void setup() {
  pinMode(TX_LED, OUTPUT);
  digitalWrite(TX_LED, HIGH); // TXLED off
  pinMode(RX_LED, OUTPUT);
  digitalWrite(RX_LED, HIGH); // RXLED off

void loop() {
  arduboy.setCursor(6, 28);
  arduboy.print("USB transmit (TXLED)");
  digitalWrite(TX_LED, LOW);
  digitalWrite(TX_LED, HIGH);
  arduboy.setCursor(6, 28);
  arduboy.print("USB receive (RXLED)");
  digitalWrite(RX_LED, LOW);
  digitalWrite(RX_LED, HIGH);

Awesome, thanks! It appears yellow is transmit and green is receive - this is odd because I only see the yellow one flash when I am uploading a sketch! Thank you for your very detailed solution :smile: