Arduboy Leonardo

As a matter of fact, I’ll agree with you and say proper USB cables should always include the data lines (not absent or shorted). The shorting of these lines should be done in the USB socket of the device (charger) that’s providing the high current power capability.

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AFAIK this must be done at the charger device side and not the cable. But it wouldn’t surprise me if there are power only cables too that have the D+ and D- terminals shorted.

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Erm…are we still discussing about homemade Arduboy?
I guess talking about the cable itself are not off, but something is telling me to mention it.

Why? ;-;
we have to use the diode at the battery, at the very least.

OK. So I guess that won’t have mattered.

A USB split? Not what I am expecting.

Maybe I can talk to my grandparents about that. (Or maybe construct one using junk parts on my breadboard)
I am not noob in these, still.
I had made my own electromagnetic cannon three years ago!(that boost voltage from DC3V to DC85V, store them in a capacitor and launch a small magnet into the air)
My electric skills are rusty, but still.
And I had worked with Zener diode before. trust me on this one.
Just…give me some time.