Arduboy Lib added to Arduino Index

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In the next version (1.6.8) of the Arduino IDE, the Arduboy Library should be searchable from the Library Manager Sketch > Include Library > Manage Libraries....

Arduino Library Index · raw list

Benefit to Users

This will allow users to easily install the Arduboy lib in the Arduino IDE and start using the newest content for their own games without having to search around.

This will also let users have access to the examples/ content with greater ease, and let some simple examples be quickly uploaded to their Arduboy.

Note to Developers

Developers of content should try and keep up to date with the Arduboy lib, at least for the sanity of their potential users. We hope as you build your project’s content and find that you need a feature, or find that a bug exists in the Arduboy library, that you will open an issue or push your fix or change to the official repository. Feel free to roll your own libraries of course, but the community sure does appreciate you sharing what you’ve learned with the rest of us :smiley:.

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Awesome new on this! Thanks for pushing it forward.

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