Arduboy Library Support at Codebender : edu [Solved]

After reading through the threads, I’ve noticed that codebender has gone out of favor with Arduboy developers. Although the main website shut down, they still have an educational platform that I have used for teaching students ( with success in the past. The Arduboy library is still linked on their list of libraries, but when trying to verify any sketch that #includes Arduboy.h, I get the following compilation errors:

(library file) Arduboy/audio.cpp:60:20: error: out-of-line definition of ‘save_on_off’ does not match any declaration in ‘ArduboyAudio’

void ArduboyAudio::save_on_off() {

(library file) Arduboy/audio.cpp:64:20: error: out-of-line definition of ‘setup’ does not match any declaration in ‘ArduboyAudio’

void ArduboyAudio::setup() {

(library file) Arduboy/audio.cpp:70:20: error: out-of-line definition of ‘tone’ does not match any declaration in ‘ArduboyAudio’

void ArduboyAudio::tone(uint8_t channel, unsigned int frequency, unsigned long duration)

Does anyone still maintain this library?

The problem with codebender is that they never supported anything past Arduino IDE version 1.0.6, which was released in September 2014. This meant that libraries and sketches couldn’t take advantage of any new features added since.

Therefore, the version of the Arduboy library that existed before it was converted to the Arduino version 1.5 style is what was placed on codebender. Especially now that the general version of codebender is no longer available, there is very little interest in attempting to keep the codebender version of the Arduboy library compatible with the latest Arduino IDE version.

Even the Arduboy library for the Arduino IDE is no longer being developed. The Arduboy2 library, which never had a codebender version, is now recommended for new development.

This is an update to the original question. I noticed that the compilation errors that I was getting were the result of some extra library files that didn’t exist on the Arduboy Classic git repository. I contacted the support team at codebender and they were able to get it cleaned up, and now I am able to run Arduboy programs using the Classic library.

The codebender : edu site still uses IDE version 1.0.5 and they have very limited support at this point as they are moving away from their original business model. So, I don’t expect anything to change on that front in the near future. But, at least for the short term it is working.

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