Arduboy Magazine Printed Version

Hi guys,

We have had an idea: Would you like to see a printed version of Arduboy Magazine? Just respond to the poll :slight_smile:

  • Yes
  • No

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Wouldn’t a print version be expensive? I can’t see the arduboy community being large enough to print in sufficient numbers to bring the cost down.

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Don’t worry about that :wink:

I would definitely be interested in a printed version, though I’m content I found the PDFs today, before I had saved them all as webpages. Hahaha.

If I can afford to make a print run, I really would like to print a full years worth of magazines into one volume and sell that. But I gotta figure out the economies of printing books/magazines first.


I really like the idea of a annual collected edition but the old comic collector in me disagrees.

I’ll be honest tho in that I’ve found the digital version difficult to read on portable devices and hate sitting at my PC to read large amounts.

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