Arduboy Magazine Vol.4

Hi people,

Volume 4 of Arduboy Magazine has been released! This time we study some pixel art from Castpixel and IanLennonFord, talk about ‘Arduboy Mate’ and crait writes about the best Arduboy Dev Tools.

Click Here to View Volume 4

Click Here To Visit The Download Shared Folder

Hope you like it! We had a blast doing it, as always.


Bravo !! Love the effort that goes into these

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Awesome! Great job, everyone involved! Special shout out to @Celinebins! Can’t wait to read everyone’s articles!


Woo-hoo!!! I haven’t been so excited with the release of each issue of a magazine since I was a kid in the 80s, waiting for, and then devouring, my favorite home computing magazine!

Once again brilliant job by all conttibutors and a million thanks! You guys are producing something really good


This is great!!! Excited to see how the jam turns out

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Great job everyone. This is turning into a very professional magazine.

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It’s an excellent publication!

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I wish I could buy the mag and have it delivered to my door. I just feel physical copies would be AWESOME!!


My name shows up 4 times this month this makes me happy I’ll try to make Rick and north more playable Soon and @crait I agree pencil and paper is my favorite dev tool I’ve got a whole notebook full of arduboy code in “progress”

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