Arduboy Magazine Vol.6

Volume 6 is here! Sorry it is a day late, but it is so worth it.

It is the launch month of @crait’s ‘Circuit Dude’ on steam! How awesome is that! We also asked how you learnt programming, and a new contributor submits an article about Debugging.

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Clearly I’m a very egotistical person because I skimmed the whole thing just to find out if my duck quote made it in. I was not disappointed, it was there just as promised (on page 39).

Unexpectedly there was also a quote of me on page 9 - I’m proud to be representing the wonderful teachings of the internet, they have served me well.

I couldn’t find @crait’s game on Steam yet, so I’m assuming they haven’t put it up prior to release like they do with some other games.

Excuse my terrible 外人の日本語 but


I understood your nihongo(日本語). thank you.

My mind wanted to write in English.
But my poor English ability will confuse people.:sweat_smile:

I wrote it in Japanese, but I want people to read the source code.
Japanese sentences are only an aid to the source code.
When I write about basic, I know that I am older. lol

Awesome layout. I am glad that it is beautifully gathered. Cute glasses of cats.
Long time your editing, Good job!


Change in Steam rules means I can’t put it up just yet! The Steam page will be visible prior to release and I think it’ll even be available for pre-ordering.

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@arduboymag the google drive link opens volume 5 … ?

EDIT: fixed it for you.

Ah, I knew there would be some reason.
Steam have changed quite a few things lately (like shutting down Greenlight ; n ; ). I’ll make sure to poll the search every now and again to see if it turns up.

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Would it be possible to link to the earlier articles as well? I would like to download the PDFs


I know a little bit of Japanese. I’ve had a few lessons (only about 5-8) and watched quite a bit of subtitled anime. Unfortunately I mostly watched One Piece so it’s a bit impolite (e.g. I prefer using おれ instead of ぼく or わたし) .

I don’t know much about grammar but I’m good at reading katakana and using a dictionary so I managed to read some of the article.

You’re right that the source code is more important though.
Programming languages are universal.

A lot of people here are ‘older’. Lots of people mentioned Basic in the recent poll. I’m not ‘old’ but I know some Basic because I have a copy of QB64.

はい。 眼鏡猫はかわいいだ。

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All our magazines are available to download here:

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Shoutout to @akkera102 thank you for all the help! Creating so much content for us in Japanese is so helpful and we can’t thank you enough! The japanese users really owe you a big thanks!

There is an expression in Buddhism:
Words are like a fishing pole for ideas, once you have the fish, you no longer need the pole.

What ever gets the point across!