Arduboy Magazine Volume 12

It’s been 1 year since we released volume 1! Where has the time gone?! We rounded the past 12 months up, along with talking about Game Jam 2.0 and also @filmote talked about a new game, Dark & Under.

We thank you all for reading, it’s been a great year.

Arduboy Magazine Volume 12

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Happy Mag Cake Day :tada::birthday::champagne:


Yay, these are always fun to read!

Just a few observations:

  • Micro-city is credited to @name instead of jhhoward
  • Community poll about jam games says “This month we took to the community pages and asked how everyone started to learn how to program”

Agh, no! Thank you for letting us know.

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So much Dark & Under stuff.
I feel kind of bad for having not contributed anything.

The @luxregina interview was quite enlightening though, as was @Keyboard_Camper’s card & box set.

I can’t say the same for @filmote’s talk about the level editor, purely because I was around for its development and even contributed to parts of it, so I know it too well to be ‘englightened’.
(Hopefully it was a bit more magical for the people who haven’t seen the innards.)
The level designer itself was a great idea though - unsurprisingly it was @filmote’s suggestion.

Also, good call by @filmote for mentioning @Dreamer2345’s level editor.
It’s a bit rudimentary (the level editor), but it was a good idea to include it nonetheless.

It’s suddenly hit me that I only came 8th in the Jam.
I’m a little down about it, but I feel sorry for the other 4 who came below me because I think they put a lot more effort in than I did.
(Especially Holidate by @MorganLapis and @SerendipityDoDa - it seems the forums don’t have much love for visual novels ; n ;.)


A back-handed compliment?

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Sorry, I meant to write ‘unsurprisingly’ or ‘as expected’ but somehow my half-asleep brain accidentally melded them into ‘unexpectedly’.
That’ll teach me to rush comments late at night.

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Thanks a lot! it is true that it’s a bit a Dark and Under fest, but hey, I’m not going to complain about the exposure! :slight_smile: Hope everyone will enjoy the game! I’m making myself a bit rare on the boards at the moment because I’m super busy, but I’ll be back soon!


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