Arduboy Magazine Volume 13

We show you some of the WIP games, @jhhoward talks about MicroCity and interview @filmote in this volume of Arduboy Magazine.

For the issuu link, click here.

For the shared download folder, click here.



this is a great news, I cannot see, however, the 13th issue in the PDF list…?

Neat. Maybe one of my games will be one there one day.

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Let’s be honest, that sums up every issue. :P

@fmanga’s icon/avatar is kind of scary when enlarged.

(And as always I end up being mentioned in the magazine by accident. It’s practically tradition now.)

Congrats on @Dreamer2345’s RogueBoy getting a mention.
It’s a little on the unfinished side (yes, I know that’s ironic coming from me),
but it’s quite well built and it gets extra points for being tile based.

(Psst, there’s a typo on page 3: “Taking a pause from educational any articles this month,”)


Great! somehow i feared there won’t be a new issue.

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Hah! That it is. I’ve been meaning to update that for years, now.

For a minute I thought Fluff #4 had gotten cut out. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Can you add volume 13 to the download folder for offline viewing? It currently isn’t there.

Is there any issue with the PDF version?

It seems it’s still missing from the download folder. Hope it will become downloadable soon.

@Celinebins can we sort this out.

Agh, didn’t see that. I’ll put it up in there now.

@filmote @Mr.Blinky @PedroGent @rcsportpilot @Mr_Y


How come we can’t download the Arduboy Magazine straight from Issuu? Is that a privileged feature?

You can get them from the shard dolder … just click there (on the here) above.

For the plan we are using, you can’t download from the Issuu post. This is due to the fact that we are all volunteers and we receive no income for what we do.