Arduboy Magazine Volume 2 Suggestions

Hey guys, how are you all? Brilliant to see that you liked volume 1, it was certainly fun putting it together. Have you got any suggestions for the next volume? Let us know down below.

Something about the ports of classic games would be nice. I’m kind of curious to see how many versions of commercial games are available for the Arduboy.

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Coding tips are always useful. Like the “Technical” pages on the Team.A.R.G. website. Unfortunately although the several useful libraries out there are great, the documentation for them is atrocious (Typical docs written by programmers for other programmers and not designed to be readable or clear). Any kind of guide that makes using the various library commands easier to understand is always appreciated.

Future of Arduboy! :blush:
Mainly, an explanation of what the SAMD21 will allow from a programming and user point of view. :wink:

That’s kind of premature, since the decision to use a SAMD21 processor hasn’t necessarily been finalised. It would be better to leave this until news about a future Arduboy is more concrete.

However, the magazine could print a small notice about the forum topic discussing this subject

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Maybe refrain from discussion (in the May) of another Arduboy model that may or may not ever come out and may or may not stop people from wanting the current, awesome version. That is, until we get any official confirmation of anything.

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Yes, its nice to have the discussion just in the forums (especially) for the developers, as it will likely not be available for close to a year or so…

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I’d like to see community polls! :wink: All sorts of questions: What is your favorite game? When do you use your Arduboy? Favorite color? Summer vs Winter? Favorite faire / gaming exhibition to attend? etc etc

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Great idea! Missed this post though, but look out for Vol. 3 :wink:

We haven’t seen Volume 2 yet !

Don’t worry, its coming out in the first week of march!