Arduboy Magazine Volume 3

Volume 3 has been released! This time we interview @bateske, welcome new contributers and look at some pixel art. Click the link below to read it, and the download below that to download it.

Arduboy Magazine Volume 3

Arduboy Magazine Volumes Shared Folder


Great jobs guys. Another fantastic edition.


well shoot my names in it :smiley: bottom of page 13 :smiley: :smiley:

thanks to everyone who made this :smiley: and team arg, how did you guys know your article this month was exactly something ive been trying to wrap my head around


WOW This is a heavy duy volume, congratulations and thanks a billion!

One suggestion/request. Could you perhaps re-render the PDF for Volume 2 in the “single page per page” (portrait mode) used in volumes 1 and 3? It would make it ever so readable and easier to flip through a hard copy.

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Thank you for your suggestion my friend, i’ll pass your message onto our editor :slight_smile:

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Thank you to everyone who is reading and liking the magazine! Drop us a message or leave a note if there is something you would like to see there, a topic you would like covered, or a poll you would like to see done. Always appreciate some extra input!


Just wow. This is fantastic, again!

I would love to see a section, maybe titled ‘vaporware’ which has snippets from all the work in progress games.


Volume 1 had ~10 pages. Volume 2 had ~20 pages. Volume 3 had ~40 pages. I think Volume 4 will have 80. :stuck_out_tongue:


i would be ok with that :smiley:

why “vaporware” ?

It’s a joke about a game that doesn’t exist yet in the wild but has screenshots and is ‘coming soon’. Maybe call it pending pixels or something else.


well if i got the joke i may like it better, but i do like the sound of pending pixels, biggest problem with this section, theres so darn many of em, maby highlight a couple of the more promising ones?

Being impatient (one of my many faults), I made a one-page-per-page / portrait copy of Volume 2 (i.e. not spread format). I just printed it out and it looks good. I’m not sure it will stand up to the community’s standards, but I’d be happy to upload it somewhere if you’d like to take a look.

I solved the problem of the “favorite games” spread (pages 6 and 7) by keeping them together, which nicely brings the whole volume to 18 pages, which double-sided ends up with a front and back cover.

So let me know if anyone wants it. Cheers!


@curly what article are you referring at ? and … did it help you ? :wink:

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combining multiple bool , im shure it will be helpfull, though i havent tried it yet as ive been working on other things