Arduboy Magazine Volume 5

Volume 5 is here! Hip hip hooray! This month was the 1st Arduboy Game Jam, which was pretty awesome, so we round that up for you. Also, JO3RI squeezes out some more bits.

Volume 5 Link

Arduboy Magazine Downloadables Folder


(and all the other words of gratitude so that the forum rules will let me post my reply)


I’m either doing something wrong or there’s a problem uploading to pdf. It says downloading to Google Drive but when I look in Google Drive it’s not there.

You’re doing something wrong. I had no problem downloading a copy. What happens if you double click on the file?

I select the option arduboy magazine downloadables folder.

It asks me to select my email address.

Then I select one and it says opening in Google drive.

I open Google drive and it’s not there.

Done this method before and it worked fine.

I’m a dingbat.

I had another look and thought I’ll just go into my apps and cleared data and cache on Google Drive,

I tried to download again and it went in first time.

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Woot! Congrats, everyone that contributed! Another T H I C C issue of Arduboy Magazine!

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We want to hear your feedback!

Tell us how to make the next volume better! If you don’t want to write it here publicly, you can send a DM :slight_smile:

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