Arduboy Magazine Volume 7

Arduboy Magazine Volume 7 Release

Wow, its the 16th of August! Sorry we took long, we had some technical glitches that involved a hard drive, but i’m not going to dive into the details :wink:

Whats your most favourite game ever? We asked you, and the results are in. @JO3RI Squeezes out some more bits and @filmote contributes to this volume.

Issuu link:

Shared Downloads Folder:


The download link is broken.


Oh, I’m mentioned again :D.

Sorry for taking up nearly an entire column.
I really love video games.
I love them so much I have a qualification in gamedev!

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Download link refresh, please?

Autoplay audio!?! WTF?

I’m paging through it, checking out the favorite games and programming techniques, and listening to TWIET in the background - when all of a sudden some kind of ad starts blasting audio at me.

Closed, never to be reopened.

I don’t mind ads. I don’t even mind audio ads on sites that have actual audio content. But I couldn’t have been more surprised or disappointed if a magazine I’d taken out of the mail box had an audio chip in it that played ads.;

Thanks for puting my pictures of Meat Boy and Sugar Boy in your magazine. I just discovered it this morning.

Sorry, was there an ad in your magazine? I don’t think we would of put an audio advert in any of our volumes. Are you sure this isnt an advert from


I can’t even download it. It says it’s been deleted.

No, I’m not sure where it came from. At the time, I was more worried about shutting off whatever was producing offensive volumes of audio. I didn’t realize it was the magazine tab until after I had turned it off.

The URL is correct.

He means the other url, the google drive one.

Sorry I didn’t make it clear. I did mean the Google Drive version.

Every time I’ve tried it the google drive link has been broken, so it either worked for some of those 39 people and not others or 36 people didn’t stop to complain.

can confirm google drive link is broken, we are gonna host these locally here soon, standby


Hey, guys!! Stuck on trying to come up with a cool game idea for the Arduboy? Then definitely check out my article on finding inspiration!


Should be fixed, again. No idea why its being such a pain in the arse.

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Can confirm it appears to definitely be fixed this time. (For now…)

Yeah, it’s working fine now. I was able to download it.