Arduboy Magazine Volume 9

Arduboy Magazine Volume 9 is here!

We had a chat with JuiceLizard, maurihelme took our pixel page and we asked you what your favorite video game music was.

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Thanks for the spotlight on Dark&Under! We are hard at work! :slight_smile:


Excellent job as always.
This time I’m especially pleased because it’s the first time I’m intentionally mentioned in the magazine!

(Although my suggestions in the music poll also got included.
It’s a real shame that poll didn’t get more replies.
Can’t wait for the next one - I enjoy the polls.)

Hopefully the article about fixed points will encourage people to give it a go. Most of the credit for that article goes to @filmote - I was too busy bugwhacking to do much article writing so @filmote wrote the bulk of it (including all the code snippets) and I just came along afterwards and did a bit of editing (making sure the values in the tables were correct, a few wording edits here and there etc).

Oh, and just to confirm, although the guide was written with an alpha copy, all the samples should compile and run with the release versions because it was written quite close to release day and there haven’t any API changes since, just bugfixes.

I also urge people to read @filmote’s article about scoped enums (a.k.a enum classes) and operator overloading, both are very handy language features.

Not that you should ignore his other articles and mentions either - he’s been very busy these past few months and looks set to keep busy working with @luxregina on Dark & Under.


Yep … I sort of hogged this month’s mag. Sorry all.


No prob. I will never complain about you hogging this mag (pages 42, 43 and 44 :heart:).


If one publishes a game in time what would one do to make a appearance in the mag?

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Contact @Celinebins … she can help you with publishing an article if you have one for the game or just a mention in the ‘New Games’ section.