Arduboy Magazine?

Does anyone know what happened to the Arduboy Magazine and why they stopped publishing?

From what I gather it was due mainly to lack of contributions and lack of time to work on it.
They’d been struggling for content for a while.

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That’s saddening :frowning:
Again, Pharap, thanks for the help! You’re speedy haha

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I think it’s more that I’m quick to respond to questions.
The topic has had several views before I saw it.

I’m guessing the other people who viewed either didn’t know the answer,
didn’t have time to answer, or were just reluctant to post for some reason.
(Or maybe they thought “someone like Pharap will swoop in an provide an answer soon”. :P)

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It’s so disappointing that it has died … the last issue is still half-editted and almost ready.

I contributed to a number of articles and found it was easier to write tutorials than editorials. A number of the major topics were covered off but there was so much more that could be covered.


It was painstakingly prepared by @Celinebins but as mentioned trying to get the contributions all on time, and producing the content was a lot of work and ultimately the content delivery method of a pdf did not reach a large audience.

That said, there were a full 12 issues produced, and something I’ve always thought to do was get them all printed and available in an anthology. That is still on the table, and it would make sense to build in our tutorials from the community as well.

I’ve always wanted to produce the content through the blog and let individual users submit their articles to the blog that could then be edited and approved by myself or a couple moderators.

Theoretically the ability to go back and pull those articles then post them to the blog exists in a kind of anniversary mode.

If people wanted to start this back up in blog form I’d be happy to get that setup.


Yeah, PDF was kind of “retro” but honestly a magazine “blog” that just published nice articles when they were ready would probably be a easier and better resource than a PDF. It was also also much harder to find/download the PDFS than it should have been, so I’m sure that never helped.

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Many many hours were spent formatting the pages which wouldn’t be needed in a blog.


They’re easy enough to find:

Unfortunately they forgot to allow downloads.

The actual forum topics aren’t too hard to find though:

Admittedly we probably should have added a special category for the magazine article posts.
Unfortunately adding categories is something only an admin can do on the current settings though.

The big advantage of the PDFs is that they look better when printed out when compared to a blog, but I guess in the modern era people tend to just read stuff online rather than using physical magazines.

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Who is printing them? I haven’t even owned a printer in like 10 years.

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It’s “on the table”:

I have.

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LOL. I think my point was I was speaking for the majority (though I could be wrong)… not really just stating my PERSONAL experience.

How do you know you’re speaking for the majority?

I know for a fact I’m not the only one who owns a printer because I know of a handful of acquaintances who own one.
(One of whom actually bought their printer after realising how often they were borrowing ours.)


I have a printer (and always have).

I reckon I print two pages a year on it - things that have to be signed generally or forms that cannot be filled in on line. My wife and son print everything and generally in full glorious colour, The cost of ink is killing me!

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Like a commercial printer magazine and stuff. I’ll see if I can get the pdf files.

It seems like hackaday did this for a while, I kinda forgot about it, I guess there was a fad in 2015 to do magazines:

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I had an article in the latest magazine that wasn’t released. :sweat_smile: I am going to do something special with my articles to get them out to ya’ll in a new format.


I printed all of them. So much nicer to read them on paper.


I have a monochrome laser printer I bought it to do the Dark & Under box and also do tax stuff with it. Recently I’ve been using it for returns labels. I also have my old sx200 inkjet but it’s a little dated I bought a newer one but the refills worked out too expensive so chucked it out once I used the supplied inks.

Im a paper guy but never got round to printing the magazines, they are a bit ink heavy in places and there’s a few full pages advertising ARG games that never materialised and other stuff that’s not imo worth printing. It would be great if the tutorials and informative stuff were to be made print friendly or easily accessible through the site though.


I had been wondering where it had gone for a long time, I’m glad somebody asked about it. It’s a shame it ended, I looked forward to browsing new issues even before I had an Arduboy. I thought it gave a nice sense of community.

Maybe the publishing schedule was a bit too ambitious? It seemed amazing to me that everyone was able to produce enough content so regularly when it was still being made. I would have liked to contribute, but I didn’t really feel like I had anything to add.

I have a monochrome printer. Been out of ink for a year, I’ve been meaning to order a new ink cartridge for ages… goes to show how much I use it, though I think I would use it more if I got ink.

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No idea. I guess I was just thinking about me and people I know… but yeah, it seems I only want to print something like once a year or so… and having a printer just to use it once a year has never made sense to me.