Arduboy Magazine?

My printer has this awesome feature where it will print even though it knows it has run out of ink. Sometimes you colour image will only have blue (or one or two other colours), sometimes the paper is nearly blank.

I do find that having ink is important if you are going to use it.

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Personally, even when the magazine was cool I think it is superfluous in a modern world. Forum and maybe some curated blog/twitter/reddit/fb/tumbl would be enough.

And about printers… why is everyone calling the filament “ink”?


Lots of people still read magazines and/or e-zines.

The problem in Arduboy’s case was a combination of a lack of material and the sheer difficulty of putting it together with such a small team of people.

It would certainly eliminate a lot of the difficulty,
but it would still be a bit of a shame because it’s a lot more boring and mundane.

Blogs are just infodumps, magazines are works of art in their own right.

If it was on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook or Tumblr I for one wouldn’t be getting involved.
A blog I would be fine with as long as it didn’t require creating another account.

Because inkjet printers use ink.

Other kinds of printers (like laser printers) use ‘toner’.

Only 3D printers use filament.

I think that was where the joke was…


I liked reading the magazines as full screen PDF easier to read and browse. I don’t prefer blogs. They often waste too much screen space and require too much scrolling IMO.

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The format wasn’t as important as the content was. Having medium to long form writing presented as an article was the real value. Having it in a blog I think is the best bet. Let me see about trying to track down the original PDFs.

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I’d love to be able to download a set of the pdfs. I find the issue format a bit clunky to use.

You can download the magazines from here

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Thats great, thanks!

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It might be cool to turn the magazine into a blog running off jekyll. I just finished building my personal website using github pages and jekyll and honestly once you get all the pieces set up it is pretty easy to add new content and stuff. XD I loved reading the magazines. I have everyone and was done to do content for it, though at the time I was doing grad school and a full time job.