Arduboy Manager 2.0 Released!

(curly) #49

crait i will buy you a beer or 20 if you make a version of this compatible with the latest raspbian

(Gavin Atkin) #50

This is really nice, @crait I was just playing around with it. Finally got me trying out Train Dodge and CastleBoy. Both really rad games :smiley:

(Thales) #51

Hello, I’m new to the subject and would like to know how I can load the .inu files

(Kevin) #52

I think you might be referring to .ino files, and to use those you’ll have to use Arduino software which is covered in our quick start guide. If you want to load .hex or .arduboy files the Arduboy Manager can do that for you.

(Thales) #53

its possible to convert the files?

(Holmes) #54

The conversion process is called ‘compiling.’ What you want to do is download the Arduino IDE and load the .ino files with it, then compile the files. If you’ve like a step-by-step overview, check out @MLXXXp’s tutorial: Quick Start Guide


@crait I am facing difficulties with your Arduboy manager :confused:

  1. The program is often not responding, my guess is that it tries to find an Arduboy and checks every com port. but in the end results in a time-out error that is hidden.
  2. It won’t detect my diy Arduboy based of an Arduino Micro. Does your program not support it? If so, can the support be added?

Thanks :slight_smile:
(Oh and forgot to mention, this manager looks absolutely beautiful and is probably really easy to use when i get it to work!)

(Holmes) #56

Support could be added in the next update, but the way it works right now is by scanning for an Arduino Leonardo, which is what the Arduboy is based on. Not sure if the Arduino Micro uses different baud rate, etc, for transfering. I would need one to test things. I just have an Arduino Uno.

Homemade arduboy based on Itsybitsy (formerly Leonardo)

Okay thanks! :slight_smile:
An arduino micro isn’t expensive, i got mine from aliexpress for around 6$
But i hope that it’ll be supported in the next update!


Oh and also, can you add an option to disable the automatic finding of the Arduboy and provide an option to select a COM port? I think that might fix my issue of the program being inresponsive

(Scott R) #59

If you change your Pro Micro bootloader to the Leonardo Caterina one the app will detect it.


won’t that cause any issues since i am installing a bootloader meant for another board?


If you need any information about this board, feel free to ask :slight_smile:
I really hope support for the Arduino Micro will be a thing!

(Scott R) #62

I’m using the Leonardo bootloader on a Pro Micro I would assume since the micro also uses the 32u4 it would be compatible with maybe more pins exposed than a pro micro.

The only minor issue I have with the pro micro is TX/RX LED are reversed.

I think @MLXXXp posted the pin outs for both the micro and pro micro in the $12 Arduboy topic where you could compare.


How do you mean “reversed”?
As in the TX light now means RX and the RX light now means TX or the RX and TX light are always on until you send serial data?
And also, if i want to replace the bootloader with the Leonardo bootloader. Do i have too select the Leonardo board in the Arduino IDE and then flash the bootloader onto the Micro?

(Scott R) #64

Pro micro bootloader has them active HIGH and leonardo bootloader has active LOW.
when flashed with Leonardo bootloader behaviour is same as on arduboy.

(Scott) #65

The TX and RX LEDs on the Arduino Micro (not the SparkFun Pro Micro), have their common pins wired to ground, so setting the pin HIGH will turn it on. The Arduboy, Arduino Leonardo and the SparkFun Pro Micro have the commons to VCC, so you set the pin LOW to turn it on.

With a sketch or bootloader that directly controls the TX and RX LEDs, intended for a Leonardo but loaded into a Micro, each LED will be on when it should be off or vice versa.

(Scott R) #66

Aha so my clone Pro micro I transplanted had the Micro bootloader, I just thought this was a Pro Micro thing as the first thing I did with my other Pro Micro was to burn Leonardo Caterina on it but that one ended up in a clone and I forgot to burn the new one before transplanting it.

(Mingye Wang) #67

Running Arduboy Manager 1.2.5 on Windows 10 (17074). It seems to stall a lot independent of whether the device is plugged in; not even the window buttons work. Where can I download the new 2.25 thing?

When I analyze the wait chain in task manager, it seems to be waiting for a specific instance of svchost running the Winmgmt service. When I terminate that process, Arduboy Manager would show a .NET error window to complain about a failed remote procedure call. The error window is a bit more responsive than Arduboy Manager itself, but still feels pretty “stuck”. The error does not stop the main program from staying stuck as another wait would soon start. Sounds like the “check for device” version of putting the netcode in the main thread?\

By triggering the error I seem able to isolate the action for which the RPC was taking place. The call stack looks like:

<strange windows stuff>
<strange stuff for calling the timer>

GetUSBDevices uses a certain ManagementObjectSearcher to look for serial devices; the name seems to fit that service in question pretty well. Although the searcher itself is perfectly async, the immediate use afterwards mandates the wait and makes the entire “tick” procedure blocking. And on top of all that the WinForms timer indeed runs on the UI thread.

(Dave) #68

ok question since its been over a year since i last grabbed a hex file of any of my games. step me trough the proccess of how to get the hex file from my computer and convert it into an .arduboy formt file please. i have something i want to release :wink: