Arduboy Manager 2.0 Released!

When I try to download the Mac client, I get a network error… Windows client will download fine, but I’m unable to get the Mac one to download (which is unfortunate since I have a Mac haha).
Is it still a WIP? or is there some weird error going on here?

Hey bro,just plz make this Macbook version of Arduboy manager happen and u guys are best!!!

Tried to download and install this a couple times. Each time I try to run the .exe I get a notification from Window’s Defender saying that its malware and refuses to open it. Never had issues with the first release.

Just add it to Windows Defenders Whitelist.

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Any chance this can be set up to launch automatically and install Arduboy files downloaded in a browser?

As long as the .arduboy file type is already associated, it should do this.

Yep, it works for me. .arduboy files are associated with the Arduboy Manager, they even have the icon. When I double-click, the Arduboy Manager loads the file up.

of course, not all games have an .arduboy file though.

So… is anyone working on an OSX version of this software? Or similar?

I could probably be convinced to do so, i’ve already paid for my developer account for work anyway.

arduboy found com 6


transfer to the arduboy at com 7 complete!

there is no arduboy at com 7 just a flashdrive that runs most of my programs as this is not my pc

Continued discussion, here:

every game ive wanted to play so far also has the source code available and you can just compile it yourself with the arduino ide and just not use the arduboy manager or team arg game loader

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give me a spesific game and ill see what you need to do to make it work, your probably missing a library or something

arduminer is not a team arg game, though it is one of my favorites and both will compile fine IF you have all the arduboy libraries

in the arduino ide go to sketch/include libraries / manage libraries
type in arduboy in the filter search bar
install every one of them, even the ones you think you dont want or need, i had the same problem

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The Team A.R.G. uses a different loader. You just upload the Hex file on those games.

not necessarily, i have there virus game and i compiled it with the arduino ide

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No, the Team A.R.G. loader supports, and recommends, .arduboy files as well.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the team arg game in question atleast (probably more but i havent checked)
the source code is available and it compiles just fine in the arduino ide, just sayin

All Team A.R.G. sketches, as well as just about all other Arduboy sketches, have the source available, which can be compiled and uploaded using the Arduino IDE. Uploading .arduboy and .hex files is just another option for some sketches.

If the error is regarding “ArduboyTones.h”, make sure you have all libraries downloaded in Arduino, and updated… I had a similar problem once then i realised it was because of a missing library!

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Will there be a Linux build soon, or at least a build that works on WINE/Mono? Currently it doesn’t seem to be working for me on Ubuntu 16.04, getting a System.NotImplementedException.