Arduboy Manager 2.0

Arduboy Manager - 2.25 (PC)

The Arduboy Manager is a simple program created by Jonathan Holmes (crait) that allows you to quickly download and install games onto your Arduboy without any programming experience! Just run the program and it will automatically connect to my server and download games for you. Turn your Arduboy on and connect your Arduboy through USB and it should be automatically detected. From there, simply select the game you’d like to install and click Transfer!

NEW Features


  • Locally download games for offline installations
  • Import your own games and .hex files to include in your list
  • Easily clear out anything that has been downloaded
  • Designed to be simple


To install the Arduboy Manager, simple unzip “Arduboy Manager.exe” file to your desktop. Easy! :smiley:

Is It Safe? Is it free?

Yes, this program is offered for free and contains no ads, no viruses, no malware, and is safe. (Online scan results.) Best of all, it’s free!


Arduboy Manager Site:
Direct Download:

Wait, it’s not working!

  • “Nothing happens when I connect the USB cable!” Make sure you turn on the Arduboy before connecting the USB cable.
  • “My Arduboy is not being recognized by Windows!” You may be using a charge-only cable. Try finding another USB cable that supports data transfer.
  • “My Arduboy is still not detected!” Okay, okay… It is most likely a driver issue. Check out this guide for making sure you have proper Arduboy drivers installed.
  • “I get a pop-up saying that I need .NET Framework!” The .NET Framework is already installed on most general-use PC’s. If you’re using an older version of Windows, you may need to upgrade to a newer service pack that has at least v4.5 Of course, you can always download the .NET Framework installer directly from Microsoft.

If you have any other questions, feel free to post below. Include which version of Windows you’re running, as well as what kind of USB port you’re using, along with any additional information that you think will help!

You made a game, too??

What’s that? You’d like to have your game featured on this repo? Sure! Shoot me a message, respond down below, or e-mail me: I’d love to host more games!


Visit the Arduboy Manager website, here:
Follow me on Twitter for more updates and releases: @crait
Check out my site for my other stuff: Jonathan Holmes - Online Portfolio


2.25: January 16, 2017
- Completely recreated the program
- Added .arduboy support
- Arduboy screen mirroring & serial monitor
- More detailed game info

1.2.5: October 5, 2016
- Initial Release


Getting a error when trying to install any team arg game with latest manager (No binary file found in the package?!

Ah, yeah. I forgot to mention. Most TEAM a.r.g. games do not adhere to the newest standard being used. They need to be re-downloaded from the TEAM a.r.g. website whenever their .arduboy files are updated. Perhaps @JO3RI can update the files real quick?

Well I tried loading my arduweb-generated arduboy file into it, and it crashed. The same file worked fine with AGL. Possibly my arduboy file is broken because I’m behind the standard, but I don’t think that should cause a crash.

You can download it from

I created a .arduboy file for all the games on my repo. I made one for your game, as well. Check it out, here:

Comparing yours with this one, I immediately notice that you’re still using the hexes array instead of the new binaries array. I also see the old screenshots array of filenames instead of an array of objects. Be sure to check out the updated guide to read more about these fields.

It’s to soon (the format is about to get finished), meanwhile you can upload ALL TEAM a.r.g. games with the Arduboy Game Loader: Redacted

The old Arduboy Game Loader uploads games in the old and new .arduboy files format.

Moderator Note:
Links to Team ARG’s website have been removed due to malicious new owners.

Do any of the main game managers offer the function to backup the sram before changing games?

you mean EEPROM I assume ? ours not yet

eeprom, i probably do :slight_smile:

Mine has a serial monitor that can. The way to back-up your EEPROM would be to use my Arduboy Assistant, which is on my repo, then go to EEPROM Manager > Back-Up EEPROM. This will send over all EEPROM data that can be saved locally. You can also choose Restore EEPROM to receive the same data.

My P.C. says it detects malware from this software whenever I extract the file and then I can’t use the manager.

Can someone help?

Can you send me or post a screenshot what your antivirus software shows and post it or private message it to me? I know of at least one false-positive and I’m wondering if it’s the same as yours.

@That_1_Guy should try the version with the changes I suggested for testing.
Because we’ll see more and more people run into this issue as the user base grows

I ran into it as well. SInce I never use a Windows box for anything I actually care about, I just turned off the automatic virus scan.

Arduino IDE can detect my Arduboy but Arduboy Manager can’t.Can someone help me? I already installed the driver correctly and it is in the Device Manager.

I found that running multiple programs that communicate with the Arduboy at the same time will confuse your computer. Try closing both programs and running one at a time.

As you see in the Task Manager window on the right, I’m not running any apps communicates with my Arduboy except for Arduboy Manager. I even did a fresh reboot and at once I opened the apps. :frowning:

Wow! I am on my phone, so I cannot post a link, but did you happen to successfully use the previous version of the Arduboy Manager? Are you connecting the Arduboy through a USB hub at all? Can you find and take a screenshot of the “Arduino Leonardo” in the Windows Device Manager?

Both are working fine for me no conflicts.

Tried downloading twice. Windows Defender deletes it, says it has a virus.