Arduboy Manager 2.25 Issue

(Phil Graham) #1


I’m a bit of a Newby,

I’ve discovered a problem when trying to install Arduboy Manager 2.25.

When I unzip it I get a message telling me that it’s Malware and deletes the main file.

To install it I have switch off anti virus for it to install.

When I’ve uploaded a game onto my Arduboy I switch my anti virus back on, but I’ve noticed that when go back into it, it has again deleted the main program file informing me it’s Malware.

I’m using a Windows 10 laptop.

(Holmes) #2

Which anti-malware program are you using that is doing this? Just Windows Defender or another one? I’m trying to pinpoint what is giving the false positive, I just haven’t had much time to sit down at my desk.

(Phil Graham) #3

I’m using Windows Defender. However it’s looking like I’ve been able to add it to my exceptions on my Firewall and it seems OK now.

(Holmes) #4

Thanks for sharing your temporary fix! Still working on this issue!