[Arduboy MATE] Alternative download

Hi everybody,

I need to download Arduboy Mate on my device (with OTG) on the Play Store and he said “Application not compatible with your device”, so maybe someone have an alternative link for download the .apk. Thank you !



It won’t work.

If the phone or tablet was compatible with the Arduboy Mate app it would be available in the Google play store.

The phone or whatever device you are trying to run it on hasn’t got the capability to connect a USB host meaning the otg won’t read on the device.

I have exactly the same problem.

Although I’d liked to proved wrong.

Thanks for your answers, but in this case why can I read the contents of different usb keys with an OTG adapter and it does not work with this app ?

@Vrops what device are you using?

Arduboy Mate might need a newer version of Android or some other minimum requirements. The app will have some requirements baked into it that won’t allow the app to be installed from the store. You may still be able to sideload the apk after enabling developer mode but don’t know for sure.

We should see if @mockfrog has any ideas on what could cause this error?

Hi, my device is a Meizu Pro 5, I can use the OTG with devices like a Ledger wallet. I have an Android’s Overlay by Meizu: Flyme OS (Maybe a problem ?) based on Android Lollipop.

Can you boot with the Arduboy already connected to your phone and retry?

It’s the play store restricting him from downloading. There could be some kind of region restriction or something about the device requirements set with the application that is preventing it. We would have to ask the developer @mockfrog to let us know what the requirements are because I don’t see it published on the play store.

Try enabling developer mode and try downloading it again, that may help but it’s a total shot in the dark. I turn on developer mode first thing when I use an android phone.

Hi @Vrops. To be honest, I can’t tell why google play store forbids your device to install the app. The only requirement to install it, should be the OS version. MInimum required is 4.4 Kitkat. So 5.1 should be good. I’m not manually excluding any device. I don’t know what I could do on my side to make it work through play store.
As an alternative you can now download it directly from my webserver and install it manually:


Thanks @mockfrog for the support! I know the community really appreciates your app!

@eried It doesn’t work but nice try x)

With the developper mode the app doesn’t work to.

Thank you very much for your answer @mockfrog but your webserv return to me “The requested URL /arduboymate/current.apk was not found on this server.”

@Vrops is right, it’s 404-ing. (Also your homepage says ‘hello stranger’ :slight_smile:)

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Oops, sorry. It’s here: http://mockfrog.de/arduboy/arduboymate/current.apk

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No idea if it works, but it’d definitely there now.

Thanks again but the app does not work for me, it’s strange because other OTG devices work with my phone (But I’ve seen a lot of people with a PRO 5 with OTG problems.).

Sorry for the inconvenience, I will use my laptop for my uploads x)