Arduboy meets Gamebuino?!

I made Gamebuino clone.
that’s LCD is not compatible with original one.

so I customized Gamebuino library. This works fine.

I’m also interested in Arduboy.
I find out that Arduboy’s OLED is same to my Gamebuino clone’s.

Therefore, I try to modify Gamebuino library for Arduboy.

Because I don’t have Arduboy, this library is very experemental state now.
Someone use this library and build game,please.

Hopefully if well, Games for Gamebuino can run on your Arduboy.

I can’t garantee your Arduboy and your PC’s safety.
You try this as your own risk.



define ARDUBOY on your ino file.
#define ARDUBOY

I think #define ARDUBOY would have to go in Gamebuino.h or somewhere else in the library itself. #defines in sketch .ino files aren’t passed to the libraries.

Thanks for your advice!

It’s my mistake!
I’ll fix the documentation and write define line in setting.c

done! and marged!

Wow nice work! Do you have an Arduboy coming to you soon? Let me know, maybe I can speed it up. :slight_smile:

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I don’t order now.
My hobby is DIY electronics.
Terefore, my Gamebuino is clone.

Thank you in advance.

(I want to wait next version which has SD card slot.(? I want to) )

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I think EVERYONE wants a SD Reader

Hi @inajob - just stumbled upon this thread - I have both Arduboy and Gamebuino - to clarify, in order to test your library, I would just take a Gamebuino game and use your library with my Arduboy as the target? :thinking:

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This thread try to migrate Gamebuino’s game to Arduboy using this library.
@akkera102 showed this technique is workeing in real ARDUBOY.

and this is migrated source code.

I’m a little confused about the hardware. Is it a Gamebuino with a different screen? or an Arduboy with an SD card?

I am about to build my DIY Arduboy and would like to add an SD card, but I’m not sure about flashing the arduino from SD card.

Gamebuino is a completely different gaming system.

I make Gamebuino with a different screen.
This is not Arduboy.

But use the library, I can play Arduboy’s game.

If you want to Arduboy with an SD card, you can choice next two methods.

  1. Gamebuino with a 128x64 OLED.
    I did this way.
    This is not Arduboy, so you must modify Arduboy’s library and re-compile game.

  2. Arduboy with SD card slot.
    I don’t choice this way.
    I don’t know how to do it.

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So you used arduino nano, not micro?

The only part I am worried about right now, is the game loader, It would be nice to load Arduboy games from SD card like Gamebuino does.

I don’t use Arduino but use pure Atmega328.
Because this is cheaper solution.
Atmega328 is part of arduino nano.
(arduino micro and Arduboy use Atmega32u4, but many instructions are same. I modify some instructions and re-compile game for Atmega328)

and I use Gamebuino’s bootloader.
This bootloader loads hex binary from SD card, and burn to Atmega328 (usually arduino use serial for burn hex binary.)
This feature is not only for Gamebuino, but other products.

This bootloader also behave arduino. so you can burn program from Arduino IDE with serial.

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Loading from an SD card would require lots of hacks to get to work. I’m gonna try and do a demo in a bit what it would take and make some instructions. You’d have to solder wires directly to a micro-sd card and to test pins on the back. It should just fit behind the back cover.


Cool, I can’t wait to see the results!

What Gamebuino games can be converted to work on the Arduboy?

I know there’s a few but is there a complete list?

Anyone got Arduboy loading from sd card? Did you get the demo working?

yes and no @MLXXXp made an arduboy z wich has a microsd slot

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Did you ever get this to work? We would be interested in seeing some pictures! :camera_flash: