Arduboy Meetup / Events?

Any interest in an Arduboy meetup? Or any events coming up soon that you think Arduboy should be at?

I’m considering going to the Portland Retro Gaming Expo in October if it’s not too late to sign up for that.

I was also considering coming to Europe sometime soon as part of the education program, any interest in an Arduboy Europe meetup?

Does anyone around the world want to help participate in the education programs? It could be possible to team up when I come to your area.

Arduboy World Tour #3?


Let me know when you’re coming to Louisville, KY, USA. :slight_smile:

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Lol, well I’ve never been! Are there any events out there? The only thing I can see that gets me anywhere close to there (it’s not close at all) is SXSW in Austin next year.

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Its unfortunate that the UK is an ocean widths away from america

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I’m in PA if you are ever near I’d be happy to help

Oh hey actually @Dreamer3 I’m maybe going to be nearby in October!

@darrell is going to be the pilot program for the Arduboy Education program (all things permitting) and I wanted to try to make it out there for that. That’s in Roanoke, VA.

Adafruit invited me out to tour their place, so I’ve got to make that happen before they forget, so maybe that’s first.

I’m considering a trip to Europe some time end of this month or in September. Looking at Uk… London and Sheffield (Pimoroni)… Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and maybe Italy…

… I should probably say thank you to all of the Mega Pack customers for making this possible :slight_smile:


If you come anywhere in Texas, I’ll show up. :dancer:

In a red dress? Arduboy doesn’t discriminate.


Or ‘the pond’ as we call it. :P

Gah, it’s always London.

One of these days someone will pick Leicester and everyone will have roughly the same distance to travel.
(I’m guessing it doesn’t get picked because most non-Britons struggle to pronounce it. Meanwhile, in Wales…)

Though admittedly London isn’t that far for me - I’m a southerner.
(Tough luck Scots. :P)

Good luck asking for directions.
Awright lad, tha’ makes a bettuh door than a winduh. :P
(I found a decent example video, but I’m not sure what the limit is on expletives here.)

(I wanted to do an Only Fools and Horses joke, but I think it would have been too obscure, even for people who know the series well.)

I meant to go up north the last time I was in the UK but ended up getting the flu.

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Rofl, I was in Sheffield for a power electronics conference a few years back and yep this was pretty much my experience. Got off my flight and literally spent two hours wandering around asking for directions and looking for my hotel.

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I’m living at Rennes now (France) but i could come to Paris if you was visiting it for a forum / meeting.

Don’t go north, go west. :P

I did! Last time I went to see Stonehenge and stayed in Bath.


Should of got out of it then you wouldnt of gotten Ill

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Talk about Arduboy meetups!

And trying to get to Australia in November!

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If you head to Melbourne we should catch up for a beer!

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I’ll be based out of there if I go then for sure!


+1 for Melbourne!

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