Arduboy MILK and NUT (NES)

Hi Experts,

I am eagerly waiting for an expert to create MILK and NUT like in 8-bit NES game for Arduboy.

It will be a beautiful and fun game.


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Looks interesting … I don’t remember the game myself but then I never has a NES.


Its a very cute game, once you play you will really like it.
this game reminds my childhood

The once you remember nostalgically are the best. Hopefully someone will have a go at it.

Can you program it yourself - maybe with help?

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I’d also never heard of this. It reminds me of Lode Runner.

If anyone wants to have a go at it, they could use my platformer demo as a basis:

(As long as they adhere to the licence of course.)

Actually I have no knowledge in coding

I tried this one, its graphic is very cool detailed.

Would be perfect if has full version

I didn’t make the graphics, @Johnnydb made them.
I made the demo when he wanted to know how to make a platformer: