Arduboy Mini (coming soon)

Yes I see these extremely cheap games systems. My idea is to basically find one of these companies making it and try to get them to spend a few more dollars to put an open source chip inside of one with a slightly better display, and make it compatible with Arduboy so we can dump a bunch of games on it.


Looks so well developed ))

I’m putting together the final touches on a first draft of the new pcb. Need to put in a small piezo and find the right 90 degree mid mount tactile button.

Although, at digikey prices the buzzer and the reset button cost over $2! There has got to be some chance for cheaper components in China, but wow those parts are specialized. I’m gonna put them on this revision but they might need to be changed for a cost out…ie. normal reset button and no buzzer.

Also probably just producing them just as pcb only… a stretch goal of selling more than 5,000 would be a case.


Hello! Is there any chance that you have the schematic for this? I like the look of the mini, and want to build one myself. Thanks!

It’s the same as the Arduboy with the @Mr.Blinky flash mod! (Without the speaker or the battery charger!)


Okay! So this, but with a built-in Flash cart. Thanks! :smile:

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This one would be so nice to have on the go if you decide to make a run with a case (the flash chip makes it a more portable device). If you ever sell these, my current Arduboy will become the development system that stays at home, I don’t want to ruin it anymore than I already have :smiley:. Seriously though, the Arduboy Mini has got both the beauty and usability down, great job!


So will there be a Arduboy mini pro, Arduboy pro max, Arduboy SE or am I just getting confused with apple like when I went to a store and I asked for a Life?

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For now only FX


Bro, by the time @bateske finally finishes this, it’ll already be 2025 by the way things are sounding.


Probably next year, but sorta. Was trying to get it out the door last year but ran into personal/business problems. Those issues are mostly resolved but now the world is a little different.

The materials are all online for you to make one for yourself if you can’t wait :wink:

I’m not saying that its a bad idea, I love the idea, T’m just saying it seems it’ll be awhile until it gets mass-produced.

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¯_(ツ)_/¯ meh

11 months not too late? :joy:
jk, this looks really sick though

People waited like 16 months for the Tetris Micro Card after they had paid for it and were pretty happy, and I had already taken money for that.

This one keeps getting held up by silly business problems and global pandemics.


oh, it hasn’t shipped yet? I thought I missed it by 11 months and that’s why I said “11 months not too late”

So I got this far about adding headers and a circuit to power it even if the battery isn’t there.

However, I really don’t think the circuit being under the fingers will feel good, and will probably probably cause resets with sweaty fingers.

I kinda want to go back to an idea that it isn’t even going to have the charging circuit on it, that it will just be directly powered by usb. Still have breakouts so you can add one easily, but I figure that if you add a battery you kind of need some kind of 3d printed case or something anyways, so fitting the charging circuit on there would be pretty easy thing to do and saves a lot of trouble on the base PCB which would still be fun.

The biggest issue I see with a battery-less Arduboy Mini is that you’d want to use it with a usb power bank, but almost all power banks won’t detect that it is even there and will auto-cancel after a short period of time.

I think that can be solved by just sinking a large value resistor to ground off the USB power rail, but that seems like an ugly solution so I’m curious what other better ways there would be to deal with that.

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… Oh, and USB-C FTW :wink:

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