Arduboy Mini (coming soon)

Congratulations! This looks fantastic!! :star_struck:

It does look great, doesn’t it!

I particularly like Fire Panic on it but then again I am biased.

Teaser for the campaign page:

Don’t forget to sign up:


Stretch goal anyone?


YES want them all!! Bright green FTW

it’d be interesting if there were different colour screens with the same driver…

Talking about different screen colours. Has anyone tried using one of those photographic color filters on the white oled display?

Yeah it’s been done it’s somewhere in the community haha it was early on, around the time they were trying dyes as well.

It works just cuts down the brightness more than most people found worthwhile.

@spinal There are you can get White, Blue, Yellow, Green and Red. I find yellow quite pleasing to look at actually, the absolute contrast is lower but the sharpness is still there.

Interesting thought but I don’t think I want to do that for logistics reasons. I’d like to do it for the Arduboy XL though :wink:


You can? For 0.96 inch SSD1306 based OLED displays I’ve only seen white, blue and top ¼ yellow with bottom ¾ blue. I’ve never seen all yellow, green or red.

All yellow is uncommon but it is out there (mainly on AliExpress):

I couldn’t find green or red though.


Oh oops green is just the ssd1309 my mistake and I thought there was red too? Guess not!