Arduboy Mini (coming soon)

Sounds good, but don’t forget the diy guys/gals, a “some assembly required” kit would be a nice addition to the arduboy range.
I see several posts of people designing they’re own pcb, would be great if you could buy one.
Cause most of the time these are not for sale.
So if you want to make your own you have to revert to (ugly) vero-board.

I’ll consider it for sure. The difficult part of doing kits is offering customer support if anything goes wrong during the process trying to help troubleshoot or having to send replacement parts.

I think I’d like to do a small batch of maybe 100 units or so of more-or-less what you see here, but I’m still working on a bigger picture. Most of the focus right now is on the education side of things.

So, this is still going forward, just “back burner”.



These are really cool. Surface mount + pins. No through-hole.

Um … what was I thinking …
nevermind that.
something about your cartridge?

I had seen these connectors on the CC3D flight controller of my drone. The S.Bus input beneath. It allow the usual pin connection but are surface mounted.
You also have
I will just guide you to their website

Significant leaking current of 150uA

Look at that, a 100K Ohm resistor connecting Vin to GND.
I don’t know but I hope there is another way for the load sharing circuit to work.

Diodes to the rescue!

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Hope this project is progressing well.

I like the green one, it has an ‘old school’ PCB look, can I request mazogs on that possibly? Thanks.

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Current status is strongly in the backburner, I still really want to do this. Primary goal is to make it into a “product” with case and battery. But adding a mod chip and offering a pre-modded “Arduboy FX” will happen first.


Hello! Hope this project is going great.

Although I know its in the back burner, but do you have an idea on when it would be released for sale or have the schematics and code put out? I came across this project recently and really want to buy/make one my own!


Still kicking along… everything is… slower…

updates coming soon. Focus on game jam. :slight_smile:


I was looking at the Fun-Key project page:

They use a folding form-factor, which makes sense for a key-ring as it protects the screen from scratches when in a pocket and makes it even smaller. Would that be a possibility with Arduboy Mini maybe? The screen is already on a ribbon cable (I think) which makes it easier I guess.


It’s an idea but the hinge is hard to design well and is a point of failure. I’ve thought about it, I do like it.

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I was looking at this:

Was thinking maybe the pcb and screen could be replaced with Arduboy-mini style components. Powered from a CR2016 or CR2032 similar to the dev kit so no recharge components needed, a flash chip so no need for USB port at all (maybe just leave 4 USB pads so re-programming is at least feasible). No physical buttons needed, just exposed copper for the rubber buttons to contact. soft power button.


The designs for the Arduboy Mini look great if you just make the outer shell different it should be good also a point of failure in the original Arduboy is the small pieces holding the battery to the screen I’ve had to solder it back in place if you bolster that connection with the same shell it should be fine

I had to do the same thing as well a couple of times. I think wire would be a great alternative to the metal tabs.

It’s not really possible to replace the tabs with wire. The tabs are used because they can be spot welded on the metal sheet inside of the battery, and makes it possible for the battery to be flat, and sealed.

Yes I see these extremely cheap games systems. My idea is to basically find one of these companies making it and try to get them to spend a few more dollars to put an open source chip inside of one with a slightly better display, and make it compatible with Arduboy so we can dump a bunch of games on it.


Looks so well developed ))

I’m putting together the final touches on a first draft of the new pcb. Need to put in a small piezo and find the right 90 degree mid mount tactile button.

Although, at digikey prices the buzzer and the reset button cost over $2! There has got to be some chance for cheaper components in China, but wow those parts are specialized. I’m gonna put them on this revision but they might need to be changed for a cost out…ie. normal reset button and no buzzer.

Also probably just producing them just as pcb only… a stretch goal of selling more than 5,000 would be a case.


Hello! Is there any chance that you have the schematic for this? I like the look of the mini, and want to build one myself. Thanks!

It’s the same as the Arduboy with the @Mr.Blinky flash mod! (Without the speaker or the battery charger!)