Arduboy Mini [Kickstarter Funded!]

Hei i bought myself a deauther watch to reprogram and play around. (not to attack wifi) and just thought why not make an Arduboy watch? If you could build the pcb to allow watch straps (however they are called in englisch) to be attached it might also be a very cool feature i would wear just for the lulz :wink:

Ha look! a script kiddies watch :wink:

yes but it is way too big… i thought better buy one than building because i thought mine would be bigger. but after unpacking my first thought was i could have done same if not even smaller… really disappointing but anyway.

I’ll leave this for someone else to do I guess. You can’t use the d pad and buttons at the same time. I have thought about it before. I think someone’s watch platform is Arduboy compatible?

I think WatchX would be compatible. 32u4 and Oled display along with a host of other sensors.

Travis Lin’s Bad Watch would should also work as it has a similar setup.

Both only have 3 buttons so that limits functionality.

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Yeah I think I’ve seen someone put Arduboy something on a WatchX before?

Yes I have.

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Bit annoying there’s only 1 fire button, otherwise perfect.

Going to use the Start button as B, and the On/Off will be set to another GPIO that is currently unused.

I’m guessing you are using the case of one of these:

I was thinking about doing a home-brew one myself a while back, the lack of usb connection options put me off, but with the new flash chip mod I guess that’s not an issue any more :slight_smile:

this is a mini version of those old… 999 games in 1 consoles
i remember i loved those when i was a kid

It’s gonna have rechargable battery and USB connection AND not require any mods to the case, I THINK.

I’ve got IDEAS!

Is the gamejam prize that new mini or the older model? Only reason why i wanted the premodded FX was because the mini didnt have a battery. :wink:

Unknown, but game jam prizes will become a priority soon, sorry for the delay, gonna try and make them worth the wait.

Earlier in the thread, USB-C using ~0.6mm PCB edge was mentioned…
There’s a library available for this, and it’s been used by Bobricus here and here.

Yeah but then the pcb is too fragile. Just using a normal usb-c connector

Nearly done with a “final” design that will have power switching circuit to work without a battery, and USB-C connector.

I thought I was done but I forgot the CC1 and CC2 resistors as well as to connect the CS pin for the flash… those are gonna be important! :slight_smile:

Just to hype this a little more, planning on doing multiple colors.


I wonder if usb-c chargers actually have a better chance of keeping the power on even at low current consumption because it’s looking at the CC pins??? *fingers crossed

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