Arduboy Mini [Kickstarter Funded!]

Talking about different screen colours. Has anyone tried using one of those photographic color filters on the white oled display?

Yeah it’s been done it’s somewhere in the community haha it was early on, around the time they were trying dyes as well.

It works just cuts down the brightness more than most people found worthwhile.

@spinal There are you can get White, Blue, Yellow, Green and Red. I find yellow quite pleasing to look at actually, the absolute contrast is lower but the sharpness is still there.

Interesting thought but I don’t think I want to do that for logistics reasons. I’d like to do it for the Arduboy XL though :wink:


You can? For 0.96 inch SSD1306 based OLED displays I’ve only seen white, blue and top ¼ yellow with bottom ¾ blue. I’ve never seen all yellow, green or red.

All yellow is uncommon but it is out there (mainly on AliExpress):

I couldn’t find green or red though.


Oh oops green is just the ssd1309 my mistake and I thought there was red too? Guess not!

As soon as kickstarter approves, it’s going live! Hopefully Monday? Maybe Tuesday?

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Arduboy Mini is live!

Uh, discourse apparently doesn’t know how to grab the image!

Back today! Share with your friends! Lets get those custom colors going!!!


Nice keychain! I guess the battery pads dont charge the battery right? (If attached later)

Congrats with the Kickstarter going live!

Wrong. The battery will get charged when one is attached.

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Woo hoo! In for three, and also tooted about it over on Mastadon. Ben Combee: "Kevin Bates just launched his Kickstarter for the…" - Mastodon

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Nobody reads! I tell ya!

Might need to make that more obvious!

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While the battery is not included, the circuitry for battery charging is all on-board.

Since the capacity of the battery should be considered when selecting the charge current, and the battery isn’t included, what is the charge current set for on the Mini? You may wish to mention this on the campaign page or in the FAQs. You could also recommend one or more battery sizes and approximately how long it might run on each.

Also, if you didn’t include the battery protection circuitry on board, you should recommend that a battery with built in protection be used.

It’s set to 100mAh.

Yeah great suggestions, someone else asked for some links to potential batteries. I’m gonna add that in the next update.

Any of these should work I can only recommend Adafruit and Pimoroni as I’ve never dealt with the sellers on ebay or amazon, those are just examples.

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Dumb question, but if the colours are unlocked how do people swap their initial purchases for the colour of their choice?

I am in for a couple!

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When the campaign closes, if the stretch goal has been hit, you’ll be asked which color you want for each one you pledge for. Both the standard and graffiti editions will be able to have their background soldermask color can be changed.

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Excellent !

yesss, in modern times nobody reads so it needs to be flashy :smiley:

…either way, it is a badass toy then :heart_eyes:

@bateske ~
For anyone eager to start designing a 3d printable case… please can we get some dimensions / board outline /dxf ?


Good tip! I’ll add dimensions to the page. Once the design is finalized I’ll release the DXF and also a 3d file for the whole thing as well.