Arduboy Mini [Kickstarter Funded!]

For expansion headers and easy ISCP access you’ll want to get the Arduboy XL

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Waaaaaaay ahead. (check other topic in homemade :wink: )

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:confused: I have so many toys, but I kinda want this one too… stupid and sexy arduboy

Is it about the same thickness as the regular Arduboy? It is difficult to tell from the photos. Would be nice if there was a speaker + case. Maybe someone can design a case to 3D print?

Looks like it might be more comfortable to play than the PocketSprite :smiley:


This is amazing!
Looks like the one I’m doing, but just in size :stuck_out_tongue: other than that, this is way more pulished and advanced!

Great work!

@bateske Can you share the part number of those buttons? Can I order them on aliexpress?

A huge thanks!

Search on Aliexpress for silent button and you’ll find them. I bought a bag of 50 before. I also bought some of the NES color themed ones but those never arrived :joy:

Thank you both! I just finished my order :slight_smile:

Now, I just need to wait a month :stuck_out_tongue:

A cool thing could be to add a mini jack connector to be able to plug a stereo headset and have sound in the transport with this little jewel

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It will be interesting to see the price point on the “mini version”. There currently is a decent offering of mini gaming systems on the market which offer substantially more processor and display wise. (Pocket Sprite, Pocket Star etc.)

I personal think that excluding a hard power switch is a bad ideal. There looks to be plenty of room above the battery terminals to include one. Was it done as a cost saving measure?

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Watch the video then!

It won’t come with a battery, so simply unplugging it from the USB will work. Pressing the reset button in the bootloader menu puts it to sleep.

You do realize like 99.9% of electronics don’t have actual power switches?

It’s actually more of a mechanical complexity thing than it is anything else. It probably doesn’t save that much cost, it’s just not needed.

This is another one for the Arduboy XL :slight_smile:

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To my knowledge, all Nintendo handheld’s came with hard power switch. Also the 32u4 isn’t known for it’s low sleep current.

Can you at least add the foot print for a power switch so the end user can decide if they want one or not when adding a battery? Also with no leds, do you plan to breakout the unused IO to pads on the rear? This would expand the user base beyond the Arduboy universe as there is a good market for a multi use oled/button/battery charger combo. This would make a great little hand held programming rig with the ability to store hex files on external flash memory.

Do you have a selling price yet?


By ‘electronics’ do you mean ‘kitchen appliances’ or ‘Arduino boards’?

As @JonRaymond says, most commercial games consoles have a proper off button.
As do most computers and calculators as far as I’m aware.

That’s a good point. Doing that would give an extra USP other than “it’s a smaller, trimmed down Arduboy (with flash expansion)”.

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I wrote:

With both the processor powered down and the display sleeping, I estimate the unit would draw about 5uA. With a fully charged battery, the Arduboy could “sleep” for about 4 years (but the battery would likely self-discharge faster than that).


That’s for a full size Arduboy battery @ 180 mAh? The battery shown here is 25 mAh so you need to derate the time accordingly which using your numbers brings it to about 200 days. Still decent but the battery monitoring IC/circuit will also draw power which hasn’t been factored in and could easily cut that number in half again. I also question your oled current draw while in sleep mode (reference this blog post). We can stipulate the current draw but I’m sure we both can agree that actually testing it is what really matters.

I still stand by my statement that my personal preference would be for a hard power switch. Simple, yet effective.

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I understand the argument for a hard power switch. And for those who make that argument, the Arduboy XL is for them.

“arduboy mini” is not for everyone. It’s not intended to be.

Buy more Arduboys.

p.s. I murdered the Arduboy Mini today in the live stream RIP

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Everything after the GBA is a soft-off.

Putting the device to sleep if I use the multimeter it reads 4.24mA running off 5V, and 3.34mA running off 3.3V
Putting the multimeter across the power LED gives me 3.98mA off 5V, 3.33mA off 3.3V

That means when powered down the rest of the Leonardo board, MCU included, consumes between 0.26mA and 0.01mA

So with that tiny 25mA battery you could have anywhere between 4 days and 104 days of soft-off on a single charge.

If I throw an uninitialized SSD1306 into the mix (just plugged to the power) I get 3.35mA at 3.3V

We’re down to a meager 52 days of soft-off on a charge.

@bateske I just realised with the reset line exposed we can use that SOP8 clip mentioned earlier directly on the SPI flash chip to act as the ISCP connector.

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That’s kind of what I was thinking, but I don’t actually have one. If you do, having all of the ISCP pads broken out will be a luxury.

I’m also making the test/solder pads “hardened” in the sense, that the copper layer extends under the solder mask around the entire circumference so that it’s exceedingly difficult to lift a pad.

These devices are intended to be a minimum viable access to the Arduboy experience, and also encourage the user to get a little involved with the hardware to add functionality. If you also note I’m intentionally splitting the Arduboy came catalog between these devices even though they could all contain nearly all the games.

If you know how to use the tools, you can load whatever games you want on any of the Arduboy Mini, but if you don’t know or don’t want to code, you can chose your favorite color or collect all 4.

It’s also meant to entice you to buy the full size Arduboy if you really like the experience. OR the forthcoming Arduboy XL which is meant to qwench the hardware thirsts for everyone who has posted in an Arduboy 2 wishlist thread. It’s not a color screen but I’m trying to add every bell and whistle that I’ve not been able to do due to cost or size constraints. But I’ve already said too much!

I’m going to make another revision of this board and if it works I’m going to try and order the production samples in the colors I want! Hopefully next month I can have something to show again!


As far as I’m aware the DS variants and 3DS variants all come with sleep mode and proper ‘off’ mode, even if they don’t use a switch anymore.

I’ll add provision for where you can cut a trace to VCC and install your own power switch, if one were to be so inclined, I can offer that much.

I just realized I might be able to just put the power switch in-board where it’s not actually meant to be used…

Honestly a bigger question to me is if I should use a JST footprint, or just go ahead and include the connector for the battery.

Again, I’m planning on not including the battery. It will run straight from micro-usb power, or you can add a battery, the charger will be included on-board.

You can decide how big or small of battery to fit.

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