Arduboy Mini [Kickstarter Funded!]

Nobody has those. Everyone has these:

Here, please, feedback 16 freaking pinouts!!! EXTREME!

I’m really looking forward to routing this!!!

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Nice connector. Since it’s 1.5mm spacing is much narrower you could go for the 13pin version and have that extra pin :wink:

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I think it looks worse than it is.

That JST connector looks huge what size is it?

I can’t get enough of watching this picture. Those colors :heart_eyes:

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Standard right angle JST connector. If I do the vertical one it’s a little smaller footprint but then the wire comes out at the wrong angle.

It is huge though, it will be the tallest component on the board by almost double:


And the colors are the same that are on the BBC microbit.

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Might be a better option for the battery.

People will need to be careful though, as there is no guarantee that batteries will come wired with the same polarity. A schottky might be required.

Here is a GH (1.25mm) spaced 12 pin JST connector with an Arduboy and Banana Ruler for scale. So the ZH would be slightly wider.

Very true but you can’t sell something to someone if they already have it… A $.50 wiring harness sold for $5 in a “Hacker upgrade” is a solid margin yet still well within a realm of buyer acceptance.

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I googled this and didn’t get anything specific but pretty sure that is the connector I am already using.

Do you have a digikey or similar link to the part? Or a datasheet?

No custom connectors! That’s final!

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Wouldn’t a high value resistor in parallel with the battery terminals with a section of trace labeled “Cut if Battery installed” elevate this problem?

You’re right it does appear to be the connector in your photo. I have used the “same” connector but it is lower profile. Will try and find a photo.

@bateske see here

5mm thick is thicker than I remember. But maybe thinner than the adafruit one.

For the battery circuit, I’m planning on sourcing a different charger that has provision for battery installed or not. Just a different topology. Need to do some datasheet surfing.

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That connector thru-hole buddy, what you trying to pull here?

Yeah. That’s why I think adding just pads for the battery would be better. You wouldn’t just blindly solder the battery wires to them. For those who can’t or don’t want to solder, they’d better get the regular Arduboy in it’s fancy case I’d say.

I wonder what the effect on the charging circuit would be.

Thanks for pulling the banana ruler out.

@SimonMerrett So adding a diode in series is a bad idea.

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I think Adafruit and Pimoroni at least sell the correct polarity stuff as that would wreck their customer service. As long as I match to there.

I’m trying to make it possible for someone to use this without tools.

I am still kind of on the edge about the JST connector because it is so big.


JST Battery connector or Just Solder Pads

  • JST Connector
  • Solder Pads

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I don’t know how many times I’ve read that and forgotten it!

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BTW, these 0.1" machine pin headers can be installed with the plastic totally flush if you make the pth slightly larger. Seems like there is room round the perimeter of the display for them. Could be used as a low profile way to stack additional boards on the rear, such as larger battery, haptic feedback, etc. if you trim the tails flush. Don’t even need to install them - let the “hacker” diy.

Thru-hole parts are a no bueno on a caseless design like this for aesthetics reason as well as the assembly cost would significantly jump. Also machine headers really are only meant to accept the mating machine header. Forcing a standard header pin into them only works once as they are permanently deformed and will have connection issues going forward.

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I wasn’t suggesting using the “dupont” square pins. There are plenty of round jumper wires in the correct size for repeated connections available from eg ebay. Addon boards could use male machine pins or the tail of the female pins. If you insert them fully down to the plastic, using the larger pth I mentioned, then the boards will be stackable.

I agree that people don’t necessarily want to see a couple of rows of pth on a caseless arduboy but I suppose it depends on what the aim of arduboy mini is. If it is game development and aesthetics, don’t prioritise hardware expansion. If it is wider engineering education, maybe make hardware expansion more of a feature.

You forgot to include that we’ll have our fingers on the back of this thing when holding it and mashing buttons…

and jabbing our fingers into the through-hole pins at the same time.

Maybe some people are into that kinda thing? Masochism Arduboy Edition anyone?