Arduboy multiplayer!

Hi everyone I’ve been working on an idea and I was wondering to further my work can you write to specific ports
If port 1 presses a button then port 2 displays hello
//so basically using the computer as a hub

An Arduboy can send stuff via serial to the computer and the computer can send stuff to an Arduboy but you can’t connect two Arduboys so you’d need a specialised mediator program to forward the info to the right Arduboy and a communication protocol in place.

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In the future would this be possible

No but like the arduboy sends stuff to the computer on one com and the computer sends info to another com

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I think the answer to that is probably “No because in USB one end has to be the ‘master’ and the other has to be the ‘slave’”, but I can’t remember where I heard someone saying that.

I’ve never tried it because I’ve never had two arduboys to hand at once, but I believe that’s how it would work.

If one COM port is in use a different COM port would automatically be allocated to another device that’s plugged in, but I don’t know if there’s any logic to the numbering scheme.

It would be possible to use a Pi as the host too. The Pi uses a variant of Linux though so it would be different to how a non-Linux computer would behave.
I don’t know if that code would work on a regular Linux computer or not, Linux isn’t really my domain.

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I have a xubuntu! Would that work?

I have no idea, ask @koteitan, or someone more used to Linux.

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This is correct, though “host” is the correct terminology. It also requires an On-The-Go (OTG) USB port.

FWIW, the SAMD21 in the Arduino Zero has this capability on Native port, but not the Programming port. So if you want this capability on the next gen Arduboy, push to get the Native port exposed!

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I think xubuntu work well with my code if the xubuntu supports termios.h.
see .
Did you get the two arduboys now?

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The Arduino Zero’s programming port is attached to the EDBG chip. It would be very unlikely that the EDBG chip would be included on an Arduboy based on a SAMD21 processor, so it would only have the native USB port, attached to the SAMD21 chip itself.

Ummmm. Ones a diy in the making the others a really new one from last year. It comes up as a arduboy2 specs wise