Arduboy Music Conversion Help

I Have completed this task w/ a friend.

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I wouldn’t have removed that last sentence (see OP edits) … that would probably get people to help you!


So help him already.
I also need help on my FUTURE(like, sometime-before-I-go-to-grave) racing game and would like to have music to my ears
Music to my ears is a minecraft achievement (in which you need to play music)
Could have Batesake get a badge(or award) for that

I’d help if it were to impress a girl. :smirk:

What you ought to do is make a song with an online MIDI sequencer and download the MIDI. OR you could download an existing MIDI file for the song you want. I think this link is the song you’re talking about, right?

Now that you have a MIDI file, you want to convert it to code that the Arduboy can understand and play. You should use this converter: Once you’ve converted your song, you want to create a sketch using the ArduboyTones library. I think there’s an example sketch that you can just swap out the music with your music and it should work just fine.

Compile the sketch and take a listen!

If you downloaded the MIDI from online, there’s not a 100% chance that you can fit it all on the Arduboy or that it will even sound good, so you may want to put it into the online MIDI sequencer and remove some unnecessary parts near the end or simplify some overly complex parts. You may have to do that process several times until it sounds the way you want it.

I hope this helps. Don’t hesitate to let us know if any of these parts are confusing.


Thanks! Way simpler than my solution.

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how do i use or open the miditones

Download it here >

Then from a command line type midi2tones -o2 filename where ‘filename’ is your midi filename without the extension. Remember your midi tune can only have a single note playing at a time. If you download a midi file, you will need to open it in a midi editor and strip it back to basics.


Won’t work. Says that it’s not recognises

Nice detailed explanation there … what cannot be recognised, the command or the midi file itself? Post the error if you expect people to help you.