Arduboy, my dear Arduboy

Arduboy, my dear Arduboy,

I do not know what to make of you.

I have you financed through Kickstarter months ago and hoped you in October 2015 holding in your hands. I’ve seen you in a portable mini-version of the impact of a Colecovision, have seen me play Mystic Castle.

What happened to you?

Arduboy, my dear Arduboy

As I looked after the action in Kickstarter, told me my PC I had you but not funded. What went wrong?

So I simply recreated me with a lot of effort and a replica was finally able to try out the many small programs from you.

A few days later the out-DEV-KIT was too have again annoyed me that.

It is a pity that so far so few games out there, the days prevails funct silence in the Forum, and that despite all the troubles from me Arduventure is the last game, because on my replica can be since no other game more to install, it is probably broken.

A platform would be nice where you have to select only the game, click upload and the game is installed.

Arduboy, my dear Arduboy

What I see instead? There is a colorful future, nonsensical status light, and a second version with color screen and SD slot is already being discussed, although it is not even the first version.

I have you again soon, my Arduboy. With green board.
Whether then all this is implemented what I hope?
Whether I like 2016 still holding in his hands?
I have little hope

Arduboy my Arduboy


It wouldn’t be a super hard thing to build for someone with experience in native OS X / Windows software. I mean really you’re just building a file picker and UI around avrdude. Developers would have the hard part of digging the .hex files out of the Arduino IDE compile folder, but that isn’t SUPER hard.

Once we have SD though we can just do this with software on the device itself.

A sketch loader has been discussed here: :wink:
ROM installer for Windows & Mac (and Linux?)

And for a broader discussion on sketch management:
Development Paths (Future Planning)

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From the last kickstarter update everyone should get their Arduboy’s by April. If you got a developer kit or early backer tier, it could be sooner.

Also TEAM arg is developing some great games for the Arduboy. There will be more by the time you get your unit.

As far as your own kit you’ve made, there is probably a reset pin on there, you may have to press that at the time of flash to get it to be unstuck.

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Still here, super busy! Kickstarter was harder than I thought.

More coming soon :smile:

Agree! And we have it in the works! We are looking to have one that is online in the cloud, and one that is offline that you can download!

Whatever little hope you have, hold on my friend. There is always hope.

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Delicious feedback, thanks! :doughnut: