Arduboy not holding a charge!

I’ve tried 3 different usb cables and also used different plugs as well as my desktop USB ports and nothing has worked. As of now I’ve had the arduboy charging for about 3 hours, I unplugged it and tried to turn it on however it instantly powered off again.
Here is a photo of my unit and I can’t tell any differences between this one and the one in the tweet. In the morning I can try and reheat the solder to see if that could help it in anyway but from what I can see the solder seems to be fine.

When the unit is plugged into the usb cable it works fine but the moment it has been unplugged it powers off almost immediately.

You could try putting a multimeter across the battery terminals and see if it’s holding a charge. Check both the volts and amps. A fully charged LiPo should be around 3.7v - 4v, a flat one will be around 3.2v or less.

You could also check whilst it’s plugged in and charging too. That might give you an idea of whether power is reaching the battery terminals.

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Notes on Soldering to Lithium-ion Batteries

Just for reference :wink:

Don’t reflow any bad solder on battery leads please :exclamation:

  :boom: Risk of explosion :boom:


The battery terminal solder joints look fine to me. Nice and shiny with good meniscus curves.

Ah, yeah I see, I saw the dark reflection as a giant hole. Disregard my previous post, I’ll edit it out. Thanks @MLXXXp, for the 100th time.

I had to look up what a solder meniscus was :smile:.

solder meniscus

The excellent solderability of Pb-Sn solders is a result of their good wetting and spreading
properties [5]. Wettability is the capacity of a molten solder to react with the base metal at their
mutual interface and establish a bond. ln the Pb—Sn system. the interface reaction is typically
between Sn and the base metal. in the form of an intermetallic compound layer. Spontaneous
spreading of molten solder over a horizontal surface ends with the sessile drop profile. On the
other hand. spontaneous spreading on a vertical surface results in a meniscus. which then
solidifies into a solder fillet. Good spneadability allows molten Pb-Sn solders to cover a base
metal surface without necessarily having to be placed over that entire surface. Lead~tin solders
also exhibit good solderability in closed solder joint geometries such as gaps and holes. The
spontaneous filling of through-hole solder joints is assisted by capillary flow.


I wish @bateske would get around to publishing the complete schematics. I might be able to be more help with this sort of thing if I knew the power circuitry.

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Sometimes I run (clandestine) operations. I’ll see what I can find out when I see him at Maker Faire.

You can’t check amps without desoldering one of the battery leads. Never put a meter in amps mode directly across the battery terminals!! The meter will short out the battery and likely blow a fuse in the meter or damage it, or damage the battery, or cause a fire.

Would suggest carefully lifting battery up, to see if the solder joints on the piezo (disc ‘speaker’) have punctured or damaged the battery. This wouldn’t be visible from the front.

I have looked at trying to lift up the battery however this seems impossible with out desoldering the 2 red wires which (I think) go to the piezo and the speaker seems to be hot glued onto the battery?? Is this normal and if so what do I do?If this isn’t normal again what should I do?
Also I charged it overnight and the battery hasn’t held any charge.

I will definitely not touch the solder near the battery then. Thank you for saying so before I blow something up :fearful:

I guess I forgot to mention it in my last message but I don’t have access to a multimeter so I unfortunately have no way of checking voltage. I know right some hobbyist I am :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, haha you bought a product for it to work, not for you to have to make it work : P

Could you pm me your address and email, I will get a new unit out to you.

I have the same problem. Charged ALL NIGHT, still doesn’t hold a charge for more then 5 seconds.

When I first plug it in the red charge light shows constant for like a minute or less, then starts randomly flashing a non consistent pattern, like the charging circuit is totally messed up. This has ONLY been plugged into my PC (USB 2.0 port) and a iPhone charger (for the all night charge) [AFTER the PC charge wasn’t working].

This is a (1 of 10,000) kickstarter edition. Everything else is great other then this.

Ahhh, sorry to hear, please use the page to see about a replacement. This applies to anyone who is having similar issues. If we are able to get one of these units, we may be able to discover what is either the defect in the units, or what can be done as a user to properly operate the unit.

Either way, if there is a defect in the circuit for charging or with the battery, then we are happy to get a working unit out to you of course!

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K sent message, let me know if you would like any pictures and or video from inside my device as well, if you think it would help. I could post a video of the odd flashing charge light etc

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Mmm I doubt it’s something we would be able to diagnose via pictures, we sort of gave it an attempt with the original poster.

But, do feel free to post them though, as the more the merrier, someone might see something : )

Hi there guys.

I’m having exactly the same problem. I can upload games to it, and it works fine when connected to the PC, but the red LED stays lit, and it won’t even power on without a cable plugged in. I’m incredibly frustrated by this; I backed this project over a year ago (27th of May) and only received it today for me to have it not work. I fully understand the nature of the project and that the project as being a labour of love, but as @Ekem so eloquently stated, “you bought a product for it to work, not for you to have to make it work”. If there is a fix available, please let me know, otherwise, it seems I have a defective product, and the prospect of waiting weeks and possibly months for a replacement is infuriating. Also, similar to @zezba9000, I’ve had the flickering strange lights as well.

Can someone please get in touch with me as soon as possible?

@ekem Told me that I should send him my address in order to get a new arduboy shipped to me. I sent him my details on the 20th of May. Then on the 26th I asked when it was going to be sent out to me and I was told it’d happen that day. 10 days later I sent another message asking for a rough estimate on when they thought it would get to me and I haven’t heard anything back since.
I loved this product for the hour or so I was able to use it while plugged in and now it’s sitting on my desk gathering dust and won’t even turn on. I just want to play with my Arduboy.

I think @Celinebins got you on the send out list, sorry about that if you didn’t get on there. @Celinebins let us know! @snake_doctor66 I’ll double check that I forwarded everything to see if I did in fact forget that here.

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