Arduboy not holding a charge!

Mmm I doubt it’s something we would be able to diagnose via pictures, we sort of gave it an attempt with the original poster.

But, do feel free to post them though, as the more the merrier, someone might see something : )

Hi there guys.

I’m having exactly the same problem. I can upload games to it, and it works fine when connected to the PC, but the red LED stays lit, and it won’t even power on without a cable plugged in. I’m incredibly frustrated by this; I backed this project over a year ago (27th of May) and only received it today for me to have it not work. I fully understand the nature of the project and that the project as being a labour of love, but as @Ekem so eloquently stated, “you bought a product for it to work, not for you to have to make it work”. If there is a fix available, please let me know, otherwise, it seems I have a defective product, and the prospect of waiting weeks and possibly months for a replacement is infuriating. Also, similar to @zezba9000, I’ve had the flickering strange lights as well.

Can someone please get in touch with me as soon as possible?

@ekem Told me that I should send him my address in order to get a new arduboy shipped to me. I sent him my details on the 20th of May. Then on the 26th I asked when it was going to be sent out to me and I was told it’d happen that day. 10 days later I sent another message asking for a rough estimate on when they thought it would get to me and I haven’t heard anything back since.
I loved this product for the hour or so I was able to use it while plugged in and now it’s sitting on my desk gathering dust and won’t even turn on. I just want to play with my Arduboy.

I think @Celinebins got you on the send out list, sorry about that if you didn’t get on there. @Celinebins let us know! @snake_doctor66 I’ll double check that I forwarded everything to see if I did in fact forget that here.

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Thanks @ekem. @Celinebins has messaged me to let me know that it will be shipped today. Thanks for sorting it out can’t wait until I can use it again!!

Sorry about the mixup there @snake_doctor66, and thanks a ton for following up.