Arduboy Not Recognized on Mac?

Hi all,

I looked through a few different threads but couldn’t come up with any satisfying answers, being a relative beginner when it comes to programming. So ELI5: why doesn’t my Arduboy show up in my Mac finder when I plug it in, and why can’t I select its port in Arduino?


it will never show up in finder, because it is NOT a storage device.

the Arduboy has to be ON, when you connect it …
seems like you’re already doing that …( other post)

Trying a fresh install on my new MacBook, using Arduino IDE 1.6.12 and macOS 10.12
with USB-C to usb and …

it just works …

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Search up were u usually find your hard drive happend to me when I plugged in my ancient x12 Walkman!!!

This does not work because it’s not a storage device.

Couldn’t it be classified as one but not found as one?

Nope- It’s not one, so it shouldn’t be classified as one, and thusly, shouldn’t be found as one.


Ok then if it’s not classified as a type of hard drive couldnt it be a storage device but not a hard drive?

I think you’re a bit confused about how the Arduboy/Arduino works, while you can store data on it (via flashing and serial upload), it isn’t a storage device that lets you drop files onto it, because it isn’t intended to be one, and the operating system won’t recognise it as such, because that would be really daft.

I don’t own a modern Mac computer so I’m not sure exactly how it’s handled (USB Serial ports, the manual suggests), but the Arduboy won’t have any influence on the list of drives plugged into the computer and you won’t find it there.

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Ohhhh ok sorry my mistake :grimacing:

@cabelhigh Were you able to connect to your Arduboy? Hows it going for you?