Arduboy not yet arrived!

I’m still waiting my Arduboy… i send an email for information but i had no answers … i send a paypal complaint … but i had no answers … WTF i’ve to do 4 have information on my shipping!!! :imp:

Hey @Marcello_Carbone, are you are Kickstarter user? Or have you ordered through the web store? Thanks for contacting us and using the community section :smile:. I’ve invited @bateske to this thread as well :innocent:.

@bateske is in China at the moment, and the internet has been terrible I guess. From what I understand, the Kickstarter units are just about done shipping. The thread below might be give some more info for you if you are a Kickstarter user.

If you have purchased through the webstore, hold tight if you can, those will begin shipping soon. That is what I know to date. Hopefully @bateske will pop in for a round up updates. He mentioned perhaps a blog update soon cough.

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@ekem thank u for the reply =)
I’ve purchased through the webstore,

Hang in there! Inventory is being produced every day, sorry for the delays. Thanks for any patience and here’s a video from the latest Kickstarter update, you might find it interesting.

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